In rain
Want and onyx

Somebody give me an MFA.

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4 Responses to Yes.

  1. T.A. says:

    “Want and onyx.” I like that…

  2. Yeah I like “Lulling / Lulled.” Awesome. Expect to see that again in one of my poems.

    This Erika program (and its recent publication, Issue 1) is great! I feel inspired.

    What is a black dog more than want, onyx, and lulling, anyway? It’s perfect. Presto. Poundian.

  3. Amish says:

    Oh great, so now I have to compete with you, too??

  4. Yes, me and Erika.

    I’m not applying to MFA programs Amish! You know I prefer the hard-line PhD route and to do poetry on the side. Good luck with your apps!!!

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