A productive weekend


This weekend I was able to get new work together for Area Sneaks (I have trouble keeping up with magazines that want work, and I owe work to many magazines that asked me before Area Sneaks did, but this is a special issue on Vispo that coordinates with the conference I’m going to in L.A. later this month) and format Foursquare 2.12, the last issue of Volume 2.  Foursquare 2.12 was guest edited by Hanna Andrews of Switchback Books, and it features four women associated with Switchback: Hanna, Melissa Severin, Becca Klaver, and Brandi Homan.  Cover art is by Ozlem Haluk.

There are four extra copies of this issue if you want one–they’re at Etsy, as usual.  The first three issues of Foursquare Vol. 3 are planned out and should be more timely than they’ve been over the past, er, while.  (To be precise, there is still one Foursquare Special Edition coming to full subscribers from Vol. 2, but it will not be out till Thanksgiving when I can work on the sleeves with my folks– there will be normal issues of 4SQ Vol. 3 before then.)  Be sure to pick up a subscription at Etsy if you don’t want to miss any!


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4 Responses to A productive weekend

  1. oooh — that one looks really pretty! As were the other 2 that I recently received, and enjoyed reading them too — thank you.

  2. Thanks Lynn! They are much easier to put together now that I have an apartment big enough to spread stuff out in. Hopefully this will mean increased productivity.

  3. Susana says:

    the day i left the comment regarding dusie stuffs I got yr packette!!! i hope to return the favor soon love!

  4. T.A. says:

    Look fab, as always! Can’t wait to get it.

    (I really need to renew my subscription.)

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