And then… there…

Are other reasons I don’t go knocking on the doors of ex-boyfriends. I discussed and was reminded of these reasons. Discussed: rationally.  Remembered: emotionally.  It’s easy to regurgitate feelings for old boyfriends and start new relationships with people, and flit in and out of emotional territories, until that line-of-flight comes along and reminds you where your loyalties really lie.

New York this weekend has been pretty awesome. Kate Pringle, whose first book Right New Biology is coming out in November from Factory School/Heretical Texts, was a huge success. My new friend Samar Abulhassan was here– I’m making her Dusie chapbook in this year’s Dusie swapmeet and have excerpted her manuscript for a Foursquare Special Edition. My friend Ric Royer was up from Baltimore– his book The Weather Not the Weather is due out December 14 from Outside Voices (that’s right! OV’s second book, finally). Saw a lot of Buffalo peeps from Buffalo itself and from what Eric Gelsinger calls “New Buffalo,” a.k.a. Brooklyn, one of my favorite poet-plotters Maureen Thorson, some non-poet friends, some New York and some Durham poetry friends, and some brand-new friends. Understood at a deep level the kind of generosity David Kirschenbaum exudes… thanks, dude.


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