Then what?

So, at work today I picked up the new issue of Artvoice and read my horoscope:

“The reality of love is mutilated when it is removed from all its unreality.” So said the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard in his book The Poetics of Reverie. He meant that realism alone is not enough for human beings to live on, especially in our most intimate relationships. We need fantasy to augment the merely factual perspective. We require poetic truths to keep the rational approach honest. Without the play of the imagination, in fact, our understanding of the world is impoverished and distorted. In this spirit, Scorpio, I invite you to be extra daydreamy and imaginative about love in the coming days. Feed your soul and the souls of those you love with experiences that arouse mystery and wonder. (P.S. Nietzsche said: “We have art in order not to perish of truth.”)


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1 Response to Then what?

  1. yesisaidyesiwillyes says:

    I’ve been adamant that horoscopes are infuriating wastes of time.

    But this one — with the great Bachelard quotation (from a great book too), and the crisp commentary about the quotation — well, this one, I’m going to clip and save. Even though I ain’t Scorpio. Anything that emphasizes daydreams and love reverie is worth remembering.

    Thanks for sharing!

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