Dixie Chicks remake

Hilda really likes this song.  She snuggles up to the computer.

There are no good videos of this song on YouTube.  Both the Dixie Chicks and Elvis versions are really low-tech.  Elvis is great, but I like the gender turn that the Dixie Chicks performance gives it.

This week: adjunct orientation (not that I didn’t go to school here for 7 years), finding an apartment, mailing super-old Foursquares.  Next week: first week of school and hopefully I’ll have a new apartment!  I’m looking for a space big enough for the cats to run around and for me to set up some serious bookmaking stations!


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One Response to Dixie Chicks remake

  1. Lydia says:

    Aren’t those Dixie Chicks something great? Love the way they did this fine old song. Thanks for featuring it. Feather is here lying on my writing table and registered a raised eye when the song played. She needs to go to bed. So do I.

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