What I’m Doing

– Working. Haven’t found a job other than the Ebay listing scam thing, but am still applying for other PT positions. I start adjuncting in two weeks, but I don’t actually get paid by the school for another month. Moreover, even when I’m adjucting I’ll need a couple hundred extra bucks a month to keep up with debt repayment and current expenses. So I’m putting my resume everywhere again. In the meantime I’m in overdrive at my sales job, so aggressively selling tickets to the Philharmonic that I’m one of the top sellers after just two months of working there.

– Looking for an apartment. Might’ve found one today. I need more space to spread out. My 15’x15′ room packed with three cats and the furniture of the guy I’m subletting from is too crowded to do anything– the tiny desk isn’t mine, there’s no room to spread out paper and make stuff. It’s stifling, but luckily it’s short-term. The apartment I found today has a big kitchen, living room and dining room, a small bedroom, large closets and a little anteroom perfect for storing all my bookmaking supplies. There’s room to spread out and work, and there’s room for kitties to run around happily.

Moving out of my super cheap (if shitty and overcrowded) house is another expense, though, in that I have to make enough this month to have first, last and a security deposit– while working one PT job (well, as I said, I’ll be working two jobs as of 8/25, but not getting paid for it for another month. A shitty arrangement, especially for people who make larger-scale moves to teach at SUNY schools in the fall).

– Going to parties, get-togethers, potlucks, meet-ups, cook-outs, and other hyphenated social gatherings.  Having fun with my new boyfriend and enjoying time with friends who’re briefly in town (say, after teaching in Korea or Taiwan or before teaching in Korea… it’s The Thing To Do, apparently).


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