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Buffalo vs. NYC in New York Magazine

Here. This article made me teary. Meanwhile I’ve moved into my own Buffalo apartment. It’s medium-sized for a Buffalo apartment… the LR is about 11×12′, the bathroom and kitchen are both good sizes but not “large” by any means, and … Continue reading

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Protected: The dream that became a nightmare

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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First Day of School

So, this last week was super stressful with apartment searching, working OT at the BPO, scraping enough money together for a deposit on the apartment, and stressing out about school, but I did finally find an apartment and I got … Continue reading

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Protected: “Without thee here to stay, is to go hence unwilling…”

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Protected: 1 Thing Off the List

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Protected: I am busy.

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“At one point, students were expected to take part in Democracy.”

So stated Arabella today regarding the roots of Freshman Comp.

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Dixie Chicks remake

Hilda really likes this song.  She snuggles up to the computer. There are no good videos of this song on YouTube.  Both the Dixie Chicks and Elvis versions are really low-tech.  Elvis is great, but I like the gender turn … Continue reading

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The back-up / Magical thinking

When we applied for college, we were told to apply for “back-up schools.” These were the schools you’d go to if you didn’t get into an Ivy League or a prestigious $30k East Coast liberal arts school. Despite the shame, … Continue reading

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Speaking of miniature…

Pictures of my tiny (.5″) paper cubes with intractable/unretractable love-letter scrolls, included in Helen White’s zaoem 2008 festival in Belgium, are now online (the main page has a little commentary, or read my original blog post about them here). Yay!

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In Miniature

A really cool project (link found through Ray’s blog… Ray is another one of Us, the 20-something artistic wanderers who want to Do Something Helpful and Not Settle (Down), but she is somewhat more organized about it).

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Chris Fritton Did Not Write This Post

Currently I’m working a sales job at the BPO and in two weeks I’ll start adjunct teaching at UB. I will also try to pick up another low-hours, low-pay job, probably retail sales. The question, then, is what I’m going … Continue reading

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Buffalo vs. NYC

Buffalo is better than NYC because you can work PT and make like $12k and live frugally and it’s totally ok. You won’t die, or starve, or be evicted. You can live, if uncomfortably, on much less money. Because you … Continue reading

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While I’m not blogging

There’s Lorraine’s Blog. Like Maureen, I feel too preoccupied with “living” these days to blog regularly.

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What I’m Doing

– Working. Haven’t found a job other than the Ebay listing scam thing, but am still applying for other PT positions. I start adjuncting in two weeks, but I don’t actually get paid by the school for another month. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Protected: “We woke up in a bird sanctuary outside Toledo”

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