While I’m spacing out to play with my new boyfriend, you all can go read Chris’s blog.


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2 Responses to Divers(ion)

  1. Amelia says:

    Fie. My horoscope has worked out precisely in the opposite direction…he not only has a live-in “ladyfriend,” they also have *curtains*. This doesn’t prevent him from flirting with me shamelessly, but it suggests that he has no honor at all. Bah.

    Ah well. It’s only ten days into July.

  2. Hm. That does sound unappetizing. But, having had a married lover in the past, I can now safely say that attached men are not necessarily dishonorable. There are all sorts of situations that people create for themselves that make infidelity essential. But I would not get emotionally involved with someone like that… again. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson on that count.

    But in accordance with the Stars, I am “up to my old tricks,” which apparently means that I am second-guessing everything at the same time as I am moving much too fast, so I am like a runner who gets scared and halts, and then gets energized and goes fast again. Not sure how good that can possibly be for the long-term health of a relationship. These beginning-of-a-relationship days can be so hard, before one gets into the sweet spot of feeling secure that one’s lover won’t suddenly change his or her mind based on some seemingly small mistake or miscommunication.

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