FOURSQUARE 2.10 and Vol. 3

Foursquare 2.10
Unseasonably trailing 2.11, verdant FOURSQUARE 2.10 gathers together poems by Lee Ann Brown & Miranda Lee Torn, Kristen Orser, Mischa Erikson, and Jessica Bozek. Cover photo by Maggie Stein. Contributors and subscribers will receive copies, but if you’re not in those two groups of people and you want your own, you can buy a copy at Etsy.

There’ve been inquiries about subscribing for another year of Foursquare, and this morning I received a payment. So if you’re eager to resubscribe, I’ve put the subscriptions up on Etsy. You can get 1 year for $60 or 6 mos. for $30. Single issues and Special Editions will go up to $6.  There will be no subscription trades this year– I am too desperate for money.

Click here for 1 year (12 issues)

Click here for 6 mos (6 issues)

We still have two issues to go for Foursquare Vol. 2— March and May. March (above) will be out later this week, and I’ll try to get May out shortly after but in order to do that, I need more poems. Would those of you who’ve never submitted send me work, please? And if you know someone who wants to submit, please encourage them to do so.


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3 Responses to FOURSQUARE 2.10 and Vol. 3

  1. Lalala, guess it’s time to renew my sub …

  2. Yay for renewals! Also, François, I know you know girls. Could you get some to send their poems my way? I’d really appreciate it.

  3. What? Who told you I knew girls? It’s a lie! I am a hermit! I live under a rock in Golden Gate Park!

    And I think I have already told many many of my female friends to submit to you 🙂

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