This afternoon I finally unpacked all the Foursquare materials which have been in boxes since I moved and folded, stamped and licked… so those two issues (January and April) should finally go out tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay!  … The March issue is all formatted on the computer… I just have to find the boxes with the rest of the supplies in them so I can put that one together (subletting, as I’ve been doing now for 7 months, is a pain, since I have a suitcase of clothes, my computer, and a box of books and everything else is in storage).


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3 Responses to Foursquare

  1. yesIsaidyesiwillyes says:

    I was a-wondering. Looking forward to these issues.

  2. Yeah… sorry about that! 😦

  3. Matias Viegener says:

    Hi Jessica —

    this is not a comment, actually. I would like your email address to invite you to an experimental writing conference Christine Wertheim and I are organizing at REDCAT in Los Angeles on Oct 24-26. We’re big fans of Organic Furniture Cellar.

    More details to follow!



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