Monday: 48 calls, 1 sale.
Tuesday: 50 calls, 2 sales.
Wednesday: 78 calls, no sales.
Today: 132 calls, no sales.

Very few people even answered the phone tonight, and those who did were quite uninterested. It’s kind of weird that people who go to concerts on a regular basis don’t want to save money on tickets by buying them ahead of time. They’re paying for the privilege of not planning ahead– of buying seats at the last minute at the box office (if they’re available). That’s fine, but there are so many options for “subscribing” ahead of time, and as I said before, “subscribers” = more federal funding, that it’s a shame that it works out that way.

I’m still getting interviews in NYC. Mostly I am not bothering to respond to calls and emails about them, but today I replied to an email because I’d applied to the position in question over 6 weeks ago and I think it’s just ridiculous that it takes them that long to ask people in to interview. I also got an adjunct teaching offer at a local college, but the time slot conflicts with my teaching at UB, so I can’t take it.

I’m writing poems, sort of. I wrote three poems. They will probably end up being rewritten and condensed into one poem. I bought a new 6×6″ sketchbook in hopes of writing more bird poems, as I hope that one day bird-book will be a full-length illustrated book.

I’m also studying up on astrology, bees, and Buffalo architecture.


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5 Responses to Daily

  1. Ken says:

    Astrology, bees, and Buffalo architecture? Starting at the beginning of the alphabet are we?

  2. Affirmative. We are able to arrange it as all A’s–


    Architecture (Buffalo)

  3. Oh– I’m also reading Kafka’s Aphorisms. Ha!

  4. Steve S says:


  5. (A… B… Birthday! Happy Birthday Steve!)

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