What would your mother think?

Someone broke into my car! Which makes twice in six months 😦 … They did a much sloppier job than the people in Brooklyn too. In Brooklyn, everything in my car had been gone through, but nothing was broken. Today, the window was broken and it was raining and windy so everything inside is a big mess. Luckily I learned from the previous experience and there was nothing in the car worth stealing, but it’s still incredibly annoying, and repairing the window will cost money that I don’t have (because I don’t have a slush fund because I have only recently started making enough money to even pretend to begin to get on top of my bills). ARGH.


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5 Responses to What would your mother think?

  1. Dottie Lasky says:

    This fucking sucks!! Jessica, I am so sorry!!!

    Will insurance pay for it? One time in Boston I was having a really bad few weeks (a horrible break-up, etc.) and in the dead of the winter, in the middle of a snowstorm, some assholes stole the tires off my car. I woke up ready to go teach at this school the next morning and no tires! It sucked and I spent every night awake for a month staring at my car through my little apartment window, ready to throw a brick at anyone who came near my new tires (ok, I actually didn’t have a brick, but I did have large pots and pans on the ready). But the good thing was was that my insurance paid for it. Maybe there is a theft part of your insurance?

    xox, Dottie

  2. Lydia says:

    It’s really unfortunate this happened to you, twice. I’m feeling sad for you and certainly hope it doesn’t happen again. When I put my ex through law school in the 1970’s I was a licensed insurance agent. If you have comp it should pay for the glass, but the thing is most ins. companies now write policies with such high deductibles that you wind up coughing up a lot of $ anyway.

    I’m publishing one of my poems in my blog this Sunday for Father’s Day, Jessica. I’m a mediocre poet at best, and can’t even call myself that since I’ve written only one in the last 13 years. But I’m sticking this one out there, as I did one other last week, and it makes me feel like puking!

  3. @Dottie stealing your *tires*?! that’s extreme. That is so weird. I live on a well-traversed street so I don’t think they’d have time to steal my tires before someone noticed. I’m surprised they had time to break the window and root around in there. I don’t have glass insurance but I am going to look into it since this same thing has happened 3x to me over the last 6 years (broken glass break-ins) (all in Buffalo).

    @Lydia, yeah, my deductible is $500, so unless something major happens I’m pretty much stuck. There are lots of little repairs that need to be done, too, which would total maybe $4k if I got them all done properly. I wish car insurance were more like health insurance, and I just had to pay $15 whenever I had to get something fixed!

    BUT, Felicia is at mile 99,889. We are very close to 100k! We can’t wait.

    It’s very nice of you to post a poem on your blog for Dad’s Day. I know my dad would like that. Too bad, dad! I haven’t written in years (either).

  4. Lydia says:

    We can dream about co-pay car insurance, an interesting idea. My car, Shadow, is 140,000 and counting. Still runs great, but it’s a 1991 model and apparently nearly all GMC vehicles made in the early 90’s have the same overall paint peeling mess that I have. I absolutely must get at least a cheap paint job on it; the car deserves better than this. Felicia deserves her spa treatment, definitely.

    Yikes, my poem on Dad’s Day is not a nicey one. I wrote it after the 2nd and final time I saw the man, in 1986. My posting this may disgust some people but it’s cathartic for me and I think important to point out that not all dads are assets – just ass___. I’m running a YouTube video Thurs. depicting good dads, and on Fri. of bad dads. Not sure what I’ll do for Saturday, but Sun will be the poem and then I think my score is settled with my father, who died in 1990.

    I’m surprised you haven’t written for years. I hope you will.

  5. Lydia says:

    I meant …surprised you haven’t written POETRY in years.. 🙂

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