“The Scorpio Woman”

First, the background: we’ve been talking about astrology in our house. This is hard to avoid when you’re living with a person named after his sign (Tawrin/Taurus). I am a Scorpio, Ashvin’s a Libra, and Scott is Pisces. As a Scorpio– we’re supposedly interested in the occult– I’ve always found the zodiac interesting, especially as the descriptions are usually true of my experience, especially when taken in relation to others. I have a lot, weirdly many, Scorpio friends; many of my friends were born within a week of each other. Anyway, we have this book The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need sitting around our house, and this is what it says about “The Amorous Nature” of a “Scorpio Woman”:

Faint heart never won a Scorpio female. It takes a man who knows exactly what he wants to hold his ground against a woman born under this sign.

Scorpio woman is very emotional, very affectionate, and very demanding. She is not interested in a light flirtation or a bed for the night. Neither does she believe in sharing. Any man who thinks it isn’t necessary to sign a treaty just because he’s having an affair would do well to avoid getting involved with a Scorpio female. She believes in treaties with irrevocable clauses and lots of fine print spelling out just what you can’t do.

How does she get away with being so possessive and jealous? Because she is a marvlous, fascinating, irresistable woman– exciting in the bedroom, entertaining in the living room. She carries with her an enticing air of mystery. She can drive a man to the brink of despair and with a gesture summon him back to the heights of happiness.

There is no in-between with this explosive female. With any other woman of the zodiac, you can work out some sort of compromise about who has rights and who has suffered wrongs. Not with her. You have to knuckle under and make the best of your bargain, or settle for living in the middle of a permanent earthquake.

Love is very important to her, and she can turn on enough magnetism to attract any man. If a man is really special, she is willing to play the role of aggressor. Her dynamo starts to whir as soon as her remarkable intuitions tell her that this man is someone she’ll be happy with. Her intuitions are rarely wrong. She is gifted with the ability to penetrate into hidden secrets of human nature.

Scorpio is a water sign, and like all the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) this woman is very susceptible to the feelings of others. Her most intense desire is for a close, committed union. In a relationship she cannot bear coldness or casualness or a feeling that she is being shunted aside. When she is in love she is at her most vulnerable, for then a lover can hurt her without even knowing it. Another woman might forgive and forget, but when a Scorpio woman is hurt she will always strike back. If necessary, she will destroy.

However, despite what you’ve heard about Scorpio’s willful, passionate nature, she is a faithful mate to the man she chooses for her own. Hers is a fixed sign, and she possesses an enduring capacity for loyalty. A man could not have a fiercer ally. If a Scorpio woman loves you, she will defend and protect you with her dying breath. What she demands is constancy–what she offers is fidelity. She is possessive, but most men with a Scorpio woman in their lives will tell you they want nothing more than to be possessed by her.


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  1. Amelia says:

    We’re doomed, aren’t we.

  2. Dottie Lasky says:

    I really really love Scorpios. I have a Scorpio moon, which has made me feel a lot like I am a Scorpio, especially when it comes to love (even though I am an Aries). Anyway, I think you guys are super! All my best women friends are Scorpios. And Cancer and Virgo is great for you, but have you ever tried dating a Pisces? I think the right Pisces might be good for you. Sometimes Pisces men are flaky, but the good ones are the most loyal and generous people I know. Also, a lot of my Scorpio women friends are actually happy with other Scorpios, so that makes sense about your one relationship. Also, I don’t think you should ever date an Aquarius. I have seen that be doomed (Aquarius man, Scorpio woman) time and time again.

    Sorry, I am like the queen of unsolicited advice tonight. 🙂 I get really excited when people talk about astrology.

  3. Lydia says:

    Do you have sisters? Not Scorpios? If so, I’m kindred with them, as I am a (begrudging) Capricorn with a Scorpio sister 22-months younger than me. Growing up we looked alike, talked alike, had almost all the same interests, and were best friends. But my mother, bless her heart, would buy the latest astrology mag and begin reading and by the end of an evening the comparisons between Cap and Scorp women would have me ducking my horns, tucking my sea-goat tail between my legs, and climbing high upon my twin bed in retreat. I swear to god that my feelings of deficiency led me into deviant behavior in adolescence and beyond.

    There’s so much about Cap women that is not about me. It’s been a battle and a puzzlement all my life. I’ve grown to respect the parts that are like me, but still. One guy I dated in NYC worked up my chart –it took him most of the night–and he was so excited that I have something else that’s Aquarius (moon maybe). He may not have known what he was doing but boy were we both relieved, so we climbed high upon his double bed and celebrated.

  4. @Lydia, I had a brother, who’s a Leo. One of the only signs that could have stood being my sibling. Talking to my mother, a woman once said, “You had a Scorpio? And you had another child?!” Sibling rivalry was all the rage at my house, but Charlie’s a strong Leo and it was ok. Our parents are Aries and Virgo which are also pretty strong signs.

    I have on-again-off-again relationships with Caps (friendships, associations, love-relationships). I can never get them to hold still!

    @Dottie, I looked at my chart again last night, and my moon is in Gemini! Which maybe explains how I can be such good friends with Lorraine (whose bday it is today, happy bday Lorraine!)? B/c otherwise I don’t really see Scorp + Gem as a natural pairing.

    Your man is a Scorpio?! That’s so weird! That just reinforces how weird it was when I was going to school here in Buffalo. It seemed like everyone was a Scorp! Me, Mike K,, Jonathan S, Ric, Chris F, Aaron L, Chelsea W, Ming-Qian Ma… just off the top of my head. Now everyone is a Gemini! It’s weird how things go in waves like that. A Gemini and I were trying to figure it out. Maybe there’s a subconscious selection by the people on the Admissions Committee, based on their own signs?

    I’ve never really considered Pisces as an option, because the couple of Pisces I’ve known have been flaky and indecisive. But I know a Pisces right now who’s not those things and I might have to reconsider, especially since this book (the one I quoted above) says the following:

    Scorpio’s strength is the perfect bulwark for Pisces’s indecisiveness. In turn, Pisces’s imagination sparks Scorpio’s creativity [I am easily drawn to people who increase my creative productivity]. Pisces is able to give Scorpio the devotion and admiration it craves, and their mutual fascination with lovemaking provides a fine romantic aura. Pisces’s flair for the bizarre adds spice to Scorpio’s desires, and the intense emotional needs of both signs neatly complement each other. Pisces’s intuitive awareness and Scorpio’s depth of feeling unite in a special closeness. This kind of mating lasts.

    What the book says about Aries and Scorp:

    The initial attraction is strong. Sexually, Aries is more imaginative and more willing to experiment [than a Scorp?!], but Scorpio’s smoldering desires prove a fair match. Trouble looms in other areas though. Both are selfish and both want to make the decisions. There is a basic clash of wills because Aries wants to dominate and Scorpio wants to control [yup]. Scorpio’s secretive and brooding nature frustrats open, impulsive Aries. Aries is freedom-loving, outgoing, and flirtatious, and this enrages possessive, jealous Scorpio. Temperamental differences undermine the sexual rapport.

    But maybe you’ll be assisted by your Scorpio moon, Dottie, and not be “flirtatious” in a way that would enrage a Scorp. And your particular Scorp seems capable of relaxing and letting you take charge (sometimes, at least).

    I did try dating an Aquarius. I tried it again and again (with the same Aquarius). You’re right, it’s pretty awful. I mean, he was a very worthy Aquarian, but I think maybe Aquarians and Scorps just can never understand the heart of one another.

    @Amelia, Yes.

  5. @ Lydia, I have Capricorn ascending! I just looked at my chart again. There are actually many Caps in my life, but as I said I’ve never been able to sustain a relationship with one. They kind of fascinate me, though.

    Another take on Scorp in love:
    Scorpios can be unduly domineering in personal relationships, especially should they perceive their partner to be weaker than themselves. Their biggest problem is finding someone who, while strong enough to maintain a tempestuous lifestyle, is interesting enough to remain a challenge. Once they find the right person they will mate for life.

    That’s pretty much how I feel about it.

    I read my whole chart tonight. It’s really fascinating to do that! You begin to see how different alignments work together or tease each other out or conflict and how that influences your worldview and how you interact with others.

    (Standard, necessary apologies for horoscopes and the non-science thereof should be assumed here… but that doesn’t mean studying the zodiac, like studying anything else, won’t lead to some sort of enlightenment, self-awareness, and more conscientious behavior.)

  6. Lydia says:

    You’re making me think a lot about how my sister and I have struggled in our relationship over the years. We had different fathers, but neither of us were raised by those men and we never seemed like 1/2 sisters ever. We were really close. She has always been jealous and secretive, but Caps can be secretive too. So in our 20’s we both were holding onto grudges, etc. while moving on with our personal lives (both got married and divorced in our 20’s) – and the closeness we once had stopped dead. There was a lot of resentment, but I couldn’t figure out why. My mom, when she was alive, would serve as intermediary between me living in Portland and my sis in Indiana. Then our mother died in 2000. My sis stayed away during the last year of her life, and didn’t come out for the service. But I understood. And I decided to make an effort to rebuild – or build a new relationship. All the steps we each have taken could fill a book, but we do now love and understand one another – while still maintaining very private lives across the country from one another. We last were together in 2001 and who knows when we’ll see each other again.
    That first husband of mine was a Leo. Full of himself. Guess what my husband now is…….you got it, Scorpio! I read both of our horoscopes daily just to take the temperature of the day. I’d love to have my chart done again. We used to get Dell and American Astrology horoscope books but not in the stores anymore. I haven’t subscribed, but did buy the January issue that gives the whole year ahead for Cap. I should have that for Scorpio too.

  7. Amelia says:

    Paul is a Pisces. My best friend, Kim, is a Pisces. Both instantly felt like acquaintances from a previous life; we didn’t really have to get to know each other, we simply had to find one another.

    My brother—my other half—is a Sagittarius. We are very close companions on very long leashes.

    Mom is a Libra, who keeps me on an even keel when I’m ready to fly off the handle; Dad is an Aries, which means arguments over small things, but also means confrontation rather than brooding. They are good safe-guards, between the two of them.

  8. samantha says:

    my twin sister and i are both scorpios and we fight alot we argue over everything cause both of us are convinced we are right

  9. Ifeoma says:

    @ Samantha…Jeez.It’s bad enough having one scorpio woman but TWO..in the same house…?Would NOT want to be a fly on the wall when it goes down.ROTFLMAO

    No,disrespect intended..I AM a scorpio,proudly so.But also, a very lonely one.I have no close friends only work colleaugues and aquaintances.My husband(cancerian) used to make me feel like a freak because of this fact.In fact,his favorite phrase..”Even the devil has friends”.

    What he doesnt get is that scorpios do not force themselves to be friends with someone just because.We either like or we dont.I’m still waiting for that one person who gets me but till then I’m content being just me.Halleluyah Holla back,scorpio sisters!

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  13. Cheeks says:

    So very very true. I hope you do mind that I cited your post for a reference point in one of my recent posts.

  14. stephanie says:

    concerning the whole Aquarius/Scorpio relationship;

    i think it’s true, we just don’t understand each other
    i’m a scorpio and one time i dated an aquarius because he intrigued me
    natural curious nature, i wanted to figure out all the little pieces and how they work
    turns out… its just extremely hard for us to connect

    in the end, i broke up with him
    couldn’t figure him out, didn’t like it at all

  15. GorgeousScorp says:

    I’m curious about more info on Scorpio woman / Aquarius man love. I had one, we were the loves of each others lives but religious family issues were our (his) breaking point. It’s been 2 yrs since the break up but I still feel connected to him. We both have other partners (family approves of the new one, same culture / religion e.t.c) and we have no contact.

    My connection is so strong that on two ocassions I woke up and out of the blue felt I would see him in some capacity. Both times we crossed path’s – down different streets at different times of the day. When I have that feeling I am nervous b/c it has happened. I also saw a clairvoyant just because and he brought up my Aquarian ex BF. He said we were connected from a past life. Spooky!

  16. kraken says:

    Im curious to find out about the Scorpio Male/Scorpio Female relationship. I am in one now we have been together for a few months and I find her irresistable. we have major blowup every time to time and she never budges or admits shes wrong even though most of the time she is. we are constantly dominating eachother-her more than me to be honest but this just juices up the make ups. I get the impression she doent fully trust me. she has had hard past relationships, and im not one for being to clingy although she says i am. im really just trying to prove to her its only her i want.I know deep down she would never cheat and I know myself I wouldnt ever cheat, it just isnt me but for some reaSON, when i devote myself to her its like she wants me to be less singleminded. no woman has ever got me in this mindset of being controlled, should i let her as this is what she wants, or should i stand firm and keep playing her game?

  17. Yalonda says:

    I am a virgo woman with a scorpio moon; knowing more about scorpio helps me understand more of my inner self and just the outside which everyone can see. I love astrology becuz it really helps you understand yourself, and what is better than knowing why you do the things you do…or don’t do for that matter.

  18. Tee says:

    I’m in love with a terrific attach pisces. I love him more then he could ever know, and he loves me more then he can show.We travel in the same circle, seeing one another 4 times a week. Most times being discrete is a challenge.Either way we stumble into this realtionship after 16yrs of knowing each other turn into something much more. Weare no longer sexual,but our love is so in your face. yet realizing we could never again be physical. but our love will forever linger in our eyes.

  19. Qees says:

    I’m a Scorpio.. and I’m having problems finding or choosing the right guy for me… my sun.. moon.. and Venus are in Scorpio… so the description above fits me very well……. 😦

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  21. nikki says:

    I am a Scorpio woman and ALL of the above is true!!! This was hilarious to read because it is right-on!

  22. CDkota says:

    I love your post Jessica. Lately I have turned to astrology to find out more about myself. Can you suggest a good website/book/whatever to learn how to do my chart? I have no idea how to begin and I want to learn more.
    Also, I just got rid of a potential “lover” because of feeling pushed aside, so reading your post was hilarious to me. Poor guy has no clue what he did, what can you do. He is a Gemini anyway and from what I have read it wouldn’t be a good match. Too bad, he had potential. LOL!

  23. Hey CDkota, you can get your free chart at Astrolabe or get the book from which this except was taken, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need”.

    I think Gems are cool, but I have a Gem moon so I think I probably relate to them better than other people would… Whereas I can’t stand Aquarian men in relationships, for example. It’s not just about sun signs– the rest of your chart and their chart will give you the larger compatibility picture.

  24. bob says:

    Scorpio Women make for exacting editors.

  25. CDkota says:

    Hey Jessica…..Thanks! I will look at everything, I am especially interested in the book that you mentioned.
    Don’t get me wrong, he is really cool and we are good friends. There is a ten year age difference (he is younger) too, I am not sure if that played a part or not.
    I love your blogs and can’t wait to read more!
    Thanks again!

  26. Aimee says:

    Hey, Im a Scorpio. Earlier this year I had been stuck in an abusive relationship with a Taurus guy. I had a Libra friend who was there through it all, and after we became really close. Stuff has happened between us and we are now more than friends… I would really love to talk to someone who knows more about astrology who could give me some advice on whether this could be a good match or not.
    My last relationship with the Taurus, ended with me being beat up and raped. Ive been through such a hard time, and its been difficult. Libra has been there for me and helped me through it all, and I trust him. Despite all the previous hurt… Thats a big deal to me. Im hoping that this is something special to be blessed with after all that I went through with my past relationship.
    If theres anyone whose in the know with astrology and could have a look at our charts or something and shed some light and give some advice that would be great? 🙂 x

  27. danny says:

    i wrote an earlier post re scorpio scorpio relationship, i the man, she the lady. does anyone have this relationship and how is it for them? im at my wits end, between the sheets is amazing but comm is nil

  28. Dragonfly says:

    Hello friends – in response to a few comments posted earlier, I strongly agree that caution must be exercised when considering or entering a Scorpio/Aquarius relationship. I am a Scorp female and had a crash-course in learning the Aquarian personality when a flurry of them appeared in my life over a relatively short period of time. Aquarians seem to be a version of Scorpios turned inside-out, so don’t tell them secrets or expect them to be focused or loyal. It’s just not in the Aquarian nature, as they are born under an extremely extroverted sign! The depth to which Scorpios go to forge a bond makes Aquarians uncomfortable as well, so if you’re a Scorp and are relating to an Aquarius, keep it light and don’t smother with expectations of loyalty. Aquarians are natural lookers and networkers, and this will often make a Scorpio feel unloved, unnoticed, and ignored in social situations. Friendships are OK, but any more than that will require an in-depth study of each person’s astrology and willingness to reconcile differences (probably won’t happen). Love to all my sister and brother Scorps!

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  30. Charles says:

    Very intersting blog. I’m a saggitarius. I dated a few scorpio’s before I knew of the diff. zodiac traits. Now that I know better, I still find I’m attracted to scorpio and they keep popping up on my radar. So mysterious, loyal and GREAT in bed. I’m not in love with another one. God help me..?

  31. Eve says:

    This makes me kinda sad 😦 It seems inevitable for us scorpios to NOT give so much of ourselves to the people we love. Seems like our best traits are also our worst! We fall in love and get hurt SO MUCH when things don’t work out to our design (and yes as hard it is for us to admit it, we do like having the driver’s seat) and thus we suffer from all the seething and hidden intensity. I find it really hard to connect with people on a deep level most of the times, much less show any type of vulnerability-and so when I fall in love it’s like the most beautiful thing on earth and I take a leap of faith and give everything I’ve got, the shirt on my back, my unyielding love and affection, my every fantasy-everything that I am is suddenly levitates to the surface… It’s almost like I try to embody the fairy tale itself and provide my partner with every wish, and every dream within their grasp. I can honestly say that when I love someone-I am my most free self and nothing else can remotely come close to that.

    I’m 26 years young and so far I’ve come to realize that it’s hard to BE that way when the rest of the world has become so desensitized to any notion of love. I don’t want to become jaded and I don’t want to change the way I am BUT it seems like no matter how much I give to anyone, it never seems good enough.

    I believe that scorpio is one of the most, if not-the MOST intense human beings out there- we feel everything with such high degree of sensitivity. I find that it seems hard for a lot of people to understand us and therefore even harder to love us for who we really are so we disguise our true nature from everyone around us.

  32. lockandload says:

    I second every single thing that Eve said above me. That was absolutely stunning to read. I thought I was the only one that felt that way. It’s like you read my mind. I’ve tried saying some of those very same thoughts to those closest to me, and they just cannot relate.

  33. jnj says:

    Wow. Very accurate. Can someone provide some insight on the Scorpio-Virgo union?

    I am a scorpio woman madly in love with a virgo man. We are so alike but soo different as well. We call each other yin and yang.

  34. Jolie Elizabeth says:

    Everything Eve said is so spot on. No one believes in fairytales anymore. The Nothing has destroyed Fantasia =(

  35. Miss Scorpion says:

    I’m a libra-scorpio cusp and my boyfriend is an aquarius-pisces cusp he is the love of my life I would really walk the earth for him, we have been together for 2 years and it keeps getting better he is the love of my life.. When we 1st met it was so funny my brother who is a gemini and his cousin who is an aries set us up and we’ve been inseperable since.. I met his mother for the 1st time who is a Leo and his father who is a taurus for the 1st time on my 19th birthday which i thought was real nice.. He met my parents who are both scorpios and my stepfather who is a cancer and my step mother who is a virgo that christmas he stayed with my family till newsyears eve.. We broke up a few times but we are stronger than ever.

  36. Aries Man says:

    I am an aries, and was involved with a Scorpio for over 2 years. Both of us were in terrible marriages, and found each other in a mutual setting. Over the course of those 2 years, it was the most intense, passionate, electric relationship this Alpha Aries ever experienced. From a sexual standpoint, it was something not on this planet.

    Needless to say, as time wore on, cracks in the foundation began to emerge…we began to get sloppy, and eventually everything was cast out in the public for all to see & know. This began our downfall. A couple of heated exchanges later, and we now don’t even speak.

    It is a sad state too, I visited a psychic once, and this person was described as my true soul mate. Even though we are going in different directions now, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could have her in my life…that I could erase the last 10 months, and take a leap of faith.

    It is helpful to read this blog, understanding that when a Scorpio woman makes up her mind, there is no turning back. I must make peace that she is done with me…purged from her heart, mind, and soul.

    I continue to hold her in my heart, and pray that she can find peace and harmony in the chaos around her. Even though she will love me no more, my soul has been forever imprinted with her mark.

  37. Bix says:

    This is so very true (well I don’t have much experience in love) but as I am a Scorpio woman I can vouch that over 90% of this article I read with a smile on my face because it matched my personality almost perfectly. I would like to point out that truly the ideal mate for a Scorpio would be a Taurus. Just as in the color wheel opposite colors are complimentary, so too does the horoscope wheel work. I’ve actually seen how well thsi relationship works out. My mother is a Taurus and my father is a Scorpio. (Actually our house is perfectly balanced, my younger sister is a Taurus, and I am a Scorpio)

  38. Although I love Taurus women, Taurus men drive me crazy. I think it’s a special Taurus and Scorpio who can make it work in the long-run, and their moon, rising, and Venus/Mars signs are probably aligned.

    The rule of thumb is that signs two before and two after your sun sign are most compatible (for Scorp, that’s Virgo and Capricorn) and your other element signs (for Scorp, Pisces and Cancer– the other water signs). But these things can be topsy-turvey based on the signs I mentioned above (moon, rising, Venus/Mars) as well as environmental influences like what kinds of signs you grew up with (so as someone who grew up with Taurans, you’re better equipped to handle them), gender, maturity level, etc.

    (Directed at everyone) Your star chart is just where the stars were when you were born– your “home base,” how the universe inscribed your personality. But you can override your astrological fate by being aware of your good and bad tendencies and encouraging the former while discouraging the latter. Ultimately, you can be whatever sign you are and still be a good person, but it takes mindfulness.

  39. Cakes says:

    I am a Scorpio woman and i once had an Aquarius man, we have been messing around for years and we enjoy each other sexually and martially but he just will not be mine. I have tryed different approaches to make him mine but he will not fold. So i have just stop trying to make him my man and just been rolling with the flow 🙂 and it has been a great life kicking it with him. We are lovers but are great best friends. I have been living by his rules but i notest i have rubbed off on him, he has been wanting to go out more, kiss, and gets mad if i leave and don’t wake him up:-). we get along pretty good.

  40. Diva says:

    I am scorpio woman.. in relationship with a capricorn man..
    1st when i met him, i wasn’t very serious but then as time passed i fell in love with his deep love for me, and then i gave myself up to him completely.
    its been 8 months we are together.And he loves me a lot, takes good care of me and keeps me like a princess.. 🙂
    Its perfect..he understands me a lot and we love each other very much.
    I do trust him but I instantly get jealous n possesive about him, even when he talks to his female best friend (becoz before i met he had a lil thing for her..she is a saggitarius..)
    I try to understand my best and i know he won’t cheat me, but yet these feelings show up some how.
    But still we get along very well and we have plans for the future 🙂

  41. sridewi77 says:

    I am exactly like that sigh but now I’m so into libra men, he court me so crazy but just because one argument he shun me off. Any libra men can give me tips how to reconcile with him? I think I have strong feelings for him that I can’t avoid delete or stop sigh I need to know am I just another play thong for him? But he told me he so disappointed in me. But I still want him. Sigh agony

  42. Marie says:

    I’m a scorpio…moon/cancer.. But wit an aquarius rising…..AND I CAN’T STAND AQUARUISES…..

  43. Andrea says:

    @ Diva: Wow, it’s crazy how similar our situations are. I’m a Scorp with a Capricorn guy for more than 3 years, and up till now, I still get insanely jealous when he hangs out with his female best friend (who’s a Gemini), all because he used to have a crush on her. It doesn’t make sense, as I know my guy is very faithful and I actually trust and like the female friend, but I just don’t like them together. I guess it’s due to Scorpio’s overpossessiveness hahaha

  44. Neha says:

    everything is true

  45. Eleven11 says:

    Ohhh I’m so happy I found your blog. 🙂
    I’m a Scorp. Heaven help me.

  46. Constance says:

    Bahaha i love it scorpio woman here… And yes o so true i do not know my sun or moon, but evrything i read was like looking in the mirror. I was in a longterm relationship with a cancer male and he was so sensitive, protective and loving and he would easily show his emotions (in a way i envied that he could be so open with his emotions) then i dated a taurus affectionate, kind, loved to read but there was know real connection and now im single…. And i work with geminis gee they drive me crazy but in a way fascinate me… Who has been in a scorpio-gemini relationship

  47. isiswrites says:

    Reblogged this on A Place For Unsent Letters and commented:
    So heavy, and if it really describes “me” in love, then let be it. I can feel it too, especially the vulnerability.

  48. nessa says:

    I’m a Scorpio women myself , & I have to say that is 100% true!!

  49. mpthorn. says:

    I have to agree I am a Libra male and while my Scorpio female is a bit different then me in some sort’s but in the end we both know the true definitions of love no matter what breaks us! it’s a very strange relationship with a quite of a few arguments but most of them are over my more all around social life and other little thing’s that bring her jealousy out.. all a side I can’t leave her she’s such a good woman all around and the best ever sexually on my end.. both know how to make each other feel good.

  50. asdfghjklmaskedbitch says:

    Hey, I was wondering…. About a Gemini male and Scorpio woman together. How is the relationship like? Because I’m interested in one. I’m the scorpio. He’s the Gemini. And honestly, its the most screwed up relationship ever. If I can even call it a relationship, as a matter of fact. I don’t know what we are…

  51. anith says:

    Guys I need ur help badly…I dnt knw what my status is…but I really luv my gf who is a scorpion n I m a libran. V were dating since 3 yrs…I n truely luv her..for the last 1 and a half year it ws kinda difficult as she moved abroad for studies and me to uae for work…since thr has been a lot of misunderstanding…there were issues of trust n time not given for one another…and she things I might hav n affair…v hav not spoken since months…n I hav msgd her on regular interwals to see if shes ok…I luv her n I wanna earn her trust back…plss I need smeone to tell me how shall I get my lovly scorpion women back..I cant liv witout her.

  52. Catrobin says:

    I’ve been reading all this about Scorpio women. I’ve come across one at work (2days travel fr home n wife). When l first saw her l couldn’t believe her cuteness. But it was when l heard her speak that my heart nearly fell thru my torso. I knew l was in trouble. I resistedher from March till late June. Since then l’ve been totally consumed with her. I’m a Cancer M. CancerM & SorpioF is many times reportedto be very very good union. I know that Scorp F dont do ‘second,’ like things straight up, & their man to be definite. Us Cancer men dont mind being the supportive partner esp as Scorp F really float our boat. Question is; how do l tell her l like her and that my marriage is really over-cant explain that easily here. I know its silly sounding but l feel such a strong pull to her. Strangely not one thought has been sexual in nature- naturally l’d like that come- its been about how she twists me with delight when she speaks in animated dogmatic way. Her bright blue grey eyes dothings to me. When l hear her walk myheart jumps. I really think there is a frisson there. If a ScorpF has “got an original thought, I could use it right now’ (B Dylan). Please help.

  53. Phoshy says:

    I’m a scorpio woman,all my ex’s are stalkers and destroyed for life…:(

  54. Capricorn here. Where is my Virgo

  55. Shay says:

    Im a scorpio through and through and ive fallen in love with a capricorn. I dont trust him but i want him. I have to have him. Ive persuaded him to break up with his fiance but our ideas of time frames is a tad bit different. How can I persuade a capricorn to forget his plans and remember what we shared, pack our stuff and leave the country? Or just the city…. Like tonight!! Tired of waiting and getting bored

  56. jane says:

    I love astrology, was reading this & wanted to add to the aquarius men / scorpio women debate..
    As a scorpio woman, I have dated more aquariuses than any other sign. I understand why many of you are saying the relationship is doomed. The first 2 aquariuses I dated had wandering eyes.. I dumped one of them after 6 months of dating when I had logged onto myspace one day to see them post a comment on some girl’s picture calling her “beautiful”. I called him immediately told him we’re done & this is why…I don’t need MY BOYFRIEND looking at & hitting on other girls, if you want that girl go be with her. He told me he was “just giving her a compliment”, I hung up. He called me back 50 times and left voicemails crying that he didn’t want her he wanted me, but by that time he was already dead to me. The second aquarius I dated for equal amount of time was in a relationship when he met me & decided to pursue me. He dropped his year long relationship like it was nothing because he was so infatuated with me, which should have been a red flag but I was too young to see it. After 6 months, I got bored of the relationship and wanted him to break up with me, so I started picking fights. When that didn’t work, I accused him of hooking up with one of his girl friends. I didn’t suspect it was true at all, she was a tom-boy and not his type at all but sure enough, I broke up with him using that as the reason, and in less than a week they’re hooking up.
    With most aquariuses, I found them hard to trust, shallow in what they looked for in a partner, and extremely hard to have a captivating conversation with. My one aquarius bf used to call me every night to talk, I would literally put the phone on mute, turn up my music & chill, put the phone on my bed & he would talk to himself until he decided that I had “fallen asleep”.
    I also am annoyed by their need to always be surrounded by their “friends”.
    Interestingly enough, I am dating an aquarius as we speak. This relationship is a lot deeper than any of my prior ones. We have been together for 2 years. This particular one has a pisces moon & a scorpio ascendant sign, which might be the reason his aquarian features aren’t as bothersome. I think that his moon being pisces makes him a lot more sensitive and caring than most, and his ascendant being scorpio gives him some seemingly scorp qualities. However, I have to add that this aquarius was also already in a relationship when he decided to start pursuing me. He is extremely different from me, and we think completely different ways, so full explanations are extremely important for proper communication. We think very differently but in a way, we compliment each other. We balance each other out. For example, I can yell at him and he diffuses the situation and my anger, instead of adding to it like another scorpio might.
    Sooo in general I don’t think these signs were meant for each other but it can be done, I’m happy with the one i’m with 🙂

  57. Omg….why is it so hard for me and my Virgo husband to get along

  58. So~not~in~the~mood says:

    I am a Scorpio Sun, Saturn and Pluto, Libra Venus and Mars, Sagittarius ascendant and Mercury and Cancer moon. And I must say that I don’t feel I have all those extremes and intensity that I have been through from time to time are in anyway good for my life. Especially having a cancer moon in my chart, makes it even worse!
    I’m easily disappointed and let down by people who are close to me simply because they just don’t get the value I have put into many things. They just don’t understand the depth of what I’m seeing, they take things nonchalantly. Good things I have Libra Mars so I could at least “fake” myself out and tune down things. But seriously when I immerse myself, I often find this huge dark hole just dragging me all dark and gloomy and most of the time I have been self-destructive (btw, I went through having delusions, paranoia during my past 2 depression phase).

    Some think Scorpios are great, some thinks we are mean or too strong. They just have no idea what it is like to have comstant turbulence inside.

    So for other signs, please just understand.

  59. Mikey says:

    Scorpio women are interesting. Especially if they have done messed up things, feel guilt for it, and/or have been hurt (or all of the above). They are beautiful magnetic creatures capable of great love and evil. It’s not just astrology, there is also psychology, spirit, and tons of other biological factors involved that makes a person a person. That being said:

    I’m a “Pisces dude” but not all the traits fit me….I can be just as spiteful, manipulative, and intuitive (if not more so) than a Scorpio, but I choose not to be the bad and use whatever abilities I have for better. This Scorpio I met, we had an incredible connection…I really enjoyed the deepness and the intimacy even just by touching and being close.

    But I had to turn away. Scorpio’s talk about why “potential mate” they turned down or whatever,as if they are some top of the pie that is unattainable. Well your potential partner, if he’s (or she) worth it will also have “standards,” and one thing I’ve noticed about a few Scorpio women is being self centered to the point of self destructiveness. Men or women dealing with Scorpio’s…you are better showing them what you are capable of sexually if you are interested sooner than later. If you are sensitive kind then don’t hesitate on the sexual part, they will mistake it for weakness. Scorpio’s have a way of seeing sensitive traits for weakness sometimes, even tough some of the women I have seen who think this (not all scorpio’s obviously) have had REALLY poor taste in men. Scorpio;s want “boldness” but sometimes at a cost…an intelligent, caring, sensitive man won’t jump straight into the fire or sexually barter. Such a Scorpio may mistake your lack of wanting to get energetically (sexually) entwined as a lack of action or boldness. Not realizing that maybe he or she may just be cautious of THEM.

    One of the biggest turn offs for me with a particular Scorpio (just one, not all!)was that they could act cold, and lie about their emotions and thoughts, but come down on you for even engaging in a similar behavior. They act like they are the only ones who can see through lies and never come clean with how the feel about you, very rarely. And I thought I was “cold” and “hard to read.” Thing is it is obvious where it came from in this case, from power struggle to past relationships, and it was often to a degree where it. I too am highly intuitive, even more so than she was so her “secrets” and “game playing” was even more obvious to see through. One of the funniest things they do is act like they are uninterested in you when they are. Yes Scorpio men and women are actually uninterested in most folk of opposite sex, but even if they are into you they will sometimes be very bi-polar in how they choose to show it. I actually had one chase me around for a bit…but while she did that she also led other men on and claimed she wasn’t interested in “them.” Made horrible mistake of hooking up with one very, disgusting person right when I was beginning to fall in love with her bc she got insecure one night we had plans and I couldn’t follow through. But somehow, I’m the “undesirable one” afterwards because I didn’t say something right, or deal with a situation in a way that she wants that she thinks is “manly” even though I actually avoided full out trouble with police, physical confrontation among other things. Then this person continues chasing me but complaining all the way, even though the connection and intimacy was undeniable- why not just accept it and deal with it instead of being in denial?

    Everything I did was wrong….interpreted as weakness, even though everything I was doing was for her, and if Hinted at that she projected and got defensive to a point where I am the “crazy one” and making her out to be a certain way. It had to be a certain way or nothing at all, screw what you feel or think. I am not an overly sensitive pisces, I am respectful and caring about people I connect with and only that. I wasn’t needy or clingy, but neither was I pushing her aside. I learned, this was because similar things happened in similar relationships in the past…what struck me as mind blowing, is the lack of ablity to admit a single character flaw but happily point all yours out while also not having learned to be more sensitive to partners feelings. In otherwords, its always the other sex, and other signs who were in the wrong and who cares. I remember, being friends before, similar habit to previous sexual or relationship engagements with her men (all the flaws were laid out on table when the man wouldn’t pay her attention, or beat her at her own game). Most of her ex’s seemed like douche bags or men she could easily control. I guess being different kind of man is something that intrigues them and pushes them away just as equally.

    I really, really loved her. I was willing to accept all the good, bad and the ugly. But the indifference and lack of consideration of anything to do with me, and the self-centeredness to a point of self-destructiveness, the inability to trust this person even though they claimed they were loyal to the death- made it a situation of having to go my separate way. That kind of secret emotional gameplaying may work on other, less cautious men but it is too easy to see through for me. Yet…without all the ego, without all the bs, just one on one deep connection- it was unbeatable, it made it all worth it, TO ME. But if she can’t see the value in having that with another mate, and her EGO is more important- then as a Pisces, it’s a HUGE deal breaker. It won’t be me who “regrets it later.”

    This is where the Scorpio’s trait manifest in a way that the sting is mostly induced on themselves more so than for protection. I have on the otherhand, dated Scorpio women whose emotional intensity and mystery made them even more desirable, and they were very sweet people who would do anything for those they loved. Who are capable of being aware of their own indecent actions and grow from them not be in denial or project onto others. It is not about the traits but what one does with traits.As deep and amazing as the connection was, this individual was not going to “heal” any time soon and neither can you tell them that, or want them to- just have to let people do their own thing and go about their own way and find someone who is at your level. And to be happy for them, no matter what sign- on their journey.

  60. Mich says:

    I’m a scorpio woman and he’s a gemini. It was said to be the worse horoscope relationship ever, but we have been together for 7 years now and I really have no idea how this relationship works out..

  61. J says:

    True statements! Most Scorpio
    Women have no problem getting
    Men! Getting rid of them is a horse
    Of a different color! A spiritual
    Evolved Scorpio woman knows sex
    Is just as spiritual as physical act itself!
    Choosing a man as loyal as we are,that
    Soothes our soul!

  62. W says:

    I’m a Scorpio woman and I will admit I have a horrible temper sometimes, although it takes an awful lot to bring out my anger. Too many people have learned this the hard way and as much as I try to change how I react to certain things, my temper still comes out. As far as jealousy goes…. I don’t think we’re horribly jealous. I think this is where we are misunderstood. We Scorpio women just know our worth and won’t put up with anything less. So when we see someone hitting on our man, after all we are capable of giving him and do give him, we better see him back off quick. If he’s looking at other woman then that’s a big red flag as well because we know he should appriciate all we offer him. We aren’t jealous of the women hitting on him or that he’s looking at. We’re thinking if you can’t handle or appriciate all that I give you then we’re going to make you regret it and show you how wrong you really were.

  63. xyz says:

    I am a Scorpio woman and I had a terrible experience with Aquarius man. Though it was quite fascinating at first. NO to Scorprio-Aquarius relationship.

  64. Mandy says:

    i am a scorpioF,been on and off with a cancerM.I really want us to try and be together forever this time cos now we r grown,one thing i just don like about him is his silence,hs not vocal abt wat exactly does he want from wat we have how do i get him to talk?….but rlly all in all we just love each other

  65. msj says:

    So true me because I’m a scorpio woman.

  66. wjmund says:

    I am libra man, wife is scorpio girl. We are very compatible. Sex is best i ever had. She likes me talking dirty. We are both bossy, and i have to be careful in that regard. She is very intuitive, and smart. I want to keep her for the rest of time.
    She is so hot that we had sex the first day we met. Three days later we married, that was four years ago. Wish us luck for long term, ok?

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