Flatland commerce

derek beaulieu writes:

if anyone out there is thinking abt picking up a copy of flatland, you might wanna let me know rather quick … there are 8 copies at Pages Books in Calgary, and i have 27 copies here available for sale, and then thats it – no more, and it wont be reprinted…

email me at derek@housepress.ca for details …

I don’t know why it won’t be reprinted– that seems stupid, since it only recently came out and it’s already almost sold out. Anyway, you should get one before they’re all gone.


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2 Responses to Flatland commerce

  1. derek beaulieu says:

    it was originally published in an edition of 250 copies which i self-financed.
    It wont be reprinted because i simply cant afford to pay for another run.
    but it is available online at UBU as a full text PDF.

  2. derek, from a self-financed perspective, that’s a good idea– a small (affordable, nice) run followed by a .pdf. although it also makes the book less republishable if there’s a .pdf (although, people seem willing to buy bird-book despite its being available as a free .pdf… so there’s more to the buyer’s psychology than just “free” vs. “not free”, i s’pose)

    congrats on such a fast sell-out!!!

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