Too big… too small… just right.

Yesterday’s encounter (such as it was) with Martin bummed me out, but I still made 2 sales at work, for a total of 6 in my first three days on the job.  The first day I had a large sale (over $1k), but the others have been small (under $500).  Still, my first paycheck– for the first two days of work, just 11 hours– is enough to cover rent.  That testifies to both the profitability of even small commissions and the cheapness of rent in Buffalo.  The only drawback to the job is that it’s 5-9p and weekday poetry readings start at 7 or 8, which means they are almost always over by 9.  But this is perhaps outweighed by the free concert tickets and weekend availability– the latter being something I almost certainly would not have working at a restaurant, grocery or retail store.

Anyway. I like my job. So far.

It’s only Tuesday, and there’s a poetrock concert tonight, but I’m looking forward to the weekend, when Kazim Ali will be reading at Rust Belt and the BPO is playing Beethoven’s 5th; and to next weekend, which is packed with things to do: a father’s day tasting on the Niagara Wine Trail; the Allentown Art Festival; the sugarcity homemade bazaar; and the unpacking show at ArtSpace (featuring one of my favorite artists, Katie Sehr).  This is about as many things going on as I can handle happily– I know there will be 1,000x more things going on in NYC and maybe one thing (besides the Saturday morning farmer’s market) going on in Charlottesville.

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