Cat food

I have been researching cat food so I can change my cats’ diet to a more natural, protein-rich one. They’re predators, after all, and feeding them “diet” or “indoor” foods that are mostly carbs (as most pet foods are) seems silly when I could feed them less food (=less cost, fewer calories) but food that is richer in protein and vitamins. Djuna often gets a tummy ache and hair balls and Hilda has allergies to something that I’ve been trying to isolate for two years now– I’ve changed litter, food, toys, cleaners, laundry detergent, water filters, geographical region– so I want something that will make their coats glossier so that Djuna doesn’t have to groom so much, and without corn/wheat in case that might be what Hilda’s allergic to. I currently feed the cats Dr. Hill’s Science Diet Light with Hairball Control, which is expensive and not that effective (in that there are still hairballs). Plus, there have been recalls on it, it’s mostly grain, and the meat it does contain is by-product. So I did a lot of research and narrowed it down to Evolve, Timberwolf Serengeti (sounds cat-like doesn’t it?), and Castor & Pollux. I decided on Castor & Pollux because my local grocery store was on their list of retailers, but when I went to the grocery store, they didn’t have it. So I went to the local pet store which is about 3 blocks from my house. They were impressed with my knowledge about cat food and said they would hire me, but when I said “actually I’m looking for a job” it turned out that they were just being flattering salespeople and weren’t hiring. Oh well. Anyway, they gave me free samples of two foods: Evo and California Natural (herring and sweet potato… in case Hilda’s allergic to chicken). I don’t like to change the cats’ food a lot, so I laid out three bowls: their normal food and these two other options. I will see which one they eat…so far Evo seems to be a hit.  The cats eat better than I do. I wish I got herring and sweet potatoes every day!  My diet is more like a low-grade cat food– mostly rice!


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4 Responses to Cat food

  1. After reflecting on how how this cat food is made with “human-grade” ingredients, I decided to try a nibble myself. Um… it is not good. It is gross. I don’t know how they eat this stuff. The herring food tastes like super compressed herring– which is what it *is* essentially. And the chicken food tastes like ultra compressed chicken. Chicken and herring are good but not in compressed forms. Like, you wouldn’t eat a chicken boullion cube. Maybe cats have fewer taste buds? I felt like a super taster even though I had just the tiniest nibble from a kibble. So, cat food is not a viable alternative to human food. It’s too bad, because per pound it’s cheaper and more nutritious.

    I am one of those people who’s still waiting for the Jetson’s meal pills or Willy Wonka’s meal gum to be perfected and marketed. I like good food, but for day-to-day existence I just want something easy to make, easy to store, cheap and fairly nutritious (e.g., rice).

  2. Amelia says:

    My cat so far eats everything from peanut butter to grapefruit juice, and has no problem putting away her Iams for kittens, so I can’t really give any advice on catfoods. However, as to the furballs, I HIGHLY recommend you get a Furminator. It is MAGIC. Probably the most expensive cat comb you will ever buy in your life–the one I got for my Mom was $38–but two or three thorough brushings and you are done for the season. The cats will thank you by not throwing up in your slippers. 🙂 I think you can just Google it to find a retailer in your area.

  3. That thing looks great, but I think it goes on the list of non-essential household items (I also “need” a robe). The local pet store where I get my food has them. More pressing is a vacuum cleaner. I should’ve just taken eric’s– he’d never notice.

    The cats ended up preferring the Herring food, I think. that’s what they finished first (well, after their normal food, but I think they went to that first because it’s familiar). I can’t tell from their litter whether their bowel movements have improved.

  4. … update. After just a few days, there’s a noticeable improvement in the redness of Hilda’s skin around her mouth and under her coat and in Djuna’s coat. So it seems like the oils or whatever in the fishy food are making their coats better, and that we may have pinpointed Hilda’s allergy (corn).

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