My life is pretty calm this week.

So, I arrived… I slept in the guest room for about a week… Brian left, and now I’ve taken over his room. I haven’t moved a lot of stuff in (most of my stuff is in a cheap, tiny storage unit about 6 blocks from here) because so far, I’ve only agreed to stay through the end of August. I may stay longer, but I haven’t decided yet. If I stay I want to repaint my room, which is currently dark blue. (Lots of pics at Flickr.)

My room is large with high ceilings. I have four permanent roommates and one transient roommate. They are all people I already knew to some degree, though none of them were friends in the same way Eric was. They’re all boys, but are fairly tidy and quiet. Actually, they’re really quiet.  The cats are adjusting just fine.

I’ve been going to dinners, brunches, cookouts and the like since I got here– with old friends and new ones. Getting a read on the graduate programs (Poetics is pulling out of the mire it was in when I left, although it’s still problematic; Comp Lit has calmed down since I left but is letting very few people in due to a dearth of T.A. lines), applying for jobs, tasting new local beers, enjoying the early summer weather. Thinking about the Take-Home Projects, long delayed, and the upcoming Dusie project. Thinking about maybe producing some poetry myself. Looking for Foursquare submissions.

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