FOURSQUARE 2.8 re-spins old yarns with poetry by Ada Limon, Jennifer Chang, Kate Middleton and Evie Shockley, and cover art by Jo Cook. Limited overruns of this and other editions available at Etsy. For more information about Foursquare magazine go here.

Coming soon (like tomorrow)…. 4SQ 2.10 and K. Lorraine Graham’s Special Edition. Stay tuned!


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3 Responses to FOURSQUARE 2.8

  1. Lynn Behrendt says:

    Hi Jessica — do you usually let people know when they need to renew 4square subscriptions? — cause I don’t know when mine is up, and I want to be sure to renew, so if it seems about time, let me know. thanks.

  2. I’ll put the word out once all this year’s 4SQs have been made.

  3. Shannon says:

    yay! i want to be sure to renew too! 🙂

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