Small Press Month

They need to work on their slogan (are “the writers” still on strike?). And Grove is not a small press. But.

A good place to start celebrating great writing is Dusie.  Since I didn’t participate in the project, I did not receive all the books, so I haven’t read them all yet.  But of the ones I did receive and read, I particularly recommend K. Lorraine Graham’s, Jessica Bozek’s and Jen Scappettone’s.

Predictable, I know… these are women I publish too. But Susana and I are both drawn to them, as editors, for the same reason: their work is good, experimental, interesting.

Maybe I will be able to participate in the next round of Dusie chaps. I hope so. I’ve wanted to, but I simply haven’t had the time or the poetry.


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