New blog

So, I’m switching to WordPress so that I can maintain personal and public blogs simultaneously.

If you need to have access to the private parts (er…) of the blog, that option will soon be available… for a small fee.


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19 Responses to New blog

  1. Shannon Smith says:

    I love your header!

  2. Kristen says:

    congrats on the switch–I can help in a little while (after I sort some things out here) with the next wordpress implementation 🙂

  3. SF says:

    Yes, the header is beautiful, but I don’t like that the words are cut off along the edges . . . it sort of makes me feel that the poem-object / word-drawing is merely some decorative device, which it ain’t. It’s it’s own miracle of words. Maybe you might be able to write/make a poem that when scanned fits perfectly within the rectangular space of the header.

  4. looktouch says:

    Thanks guys. Steve, precisely what you ask is on the List of Things To Do but it’s low on the list. There’s something to be said for the poem as image, too, in that I would like my handwriting poems to be immediately recognizable as “mine” the way, for instance, Mike Basinski’s are. Plus, using an excerpt from a poem as a graphic feels different from writing a poem that will act as a graphic– that might sometimes be read but since it’s in the position of Header will more usually be passed over as just an image.

    And Steve, a puzzle for you. What font (or typeface) is “looktouchblog” in?

  5. shanna says:

    jane austen?

  6. looktouch says:

    Jane Austen? The font? No… Is there a Jane Austen font?

    I was Marianne Dashwood in the Which Jane Austen Character are you quiz. Did you take it? I thought my answer was appropriate. That’s also my favorite book of hers.

  7. SF says:

    As for the font, you got me. As I love playful riddles, and also maybe because I might be a little obsessive, I just ran the word “looktouchblog” through all the fonts available in WordPerfect, and none matched up with what you have in the header. So I’m stumped.

    I like — I like a lot — Shanna’s guess of Jane Austen. That guess started me wondering whether fonts are available that are derived (copied more or less precisely) from the penmanship of great writers. Wouldn’t that be great?!

  8. looktouch says:

    Wouldn’t it? 😉 You’re on the right track…

  9. sf says:

    Is the font based on V. Wolff’s handwriting?

  10. looktouch says:

    Getting warmer…

  11. shanna says:

    yeah, it’s a font based on jane austen’s signature. it’s free, and looks pretty similar. i tried it for a design recently, but decided on something else.

    here you go.

    now that i look at it again, it’s quite different, but they are both autography.

  12. looktouch says:

    It’s similar– it is a free font and a font based on a writer’s handwriting, but it isn’t Jane Austen. It’s the writing of an author whose work is much more important to my own work than Jane’s (no offense to Jane).

  13. sf says:

    Susan Howe?

  14. looktouch says:

    Oh right, someone made a font from Susan Howe’s handwriting. Ha! No way. BUT it is an author from whose work Susan Howe was read as a wee little baby.

  15. sf says:

    Well I am zero for two or three bugt will keep guessing as I think that this last hint pretty much points right to . . .

    Emily D.

  16. looktouch says:

    A good guess intellectually, but you know that doesn’t look like Emily Dickinson’s handwriting. It is in fact the hand of Mr. James Joyce, on whose Finnegans Wake Susan was weaned.

  17. SF says:

    1,000 demerits for me, for not recognizing JJ..

  18. SF says:

    and more positively, that’s a great choice for a header-font!

  19. kristine says:

    duh. it’s jessica’s own penmanship/font! and hey, i’m gonna buy me some foursquares pronto. especially after getting so many lovely ones for free. i miss them coming in the mail like a present.

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