As you can tell, I’ve used the weekend to catch up on Foursquare, my monthly poetry “broadzine.” Foursquare is one 8×8″ piece of cardstock on which four female poets per month are given one 4×4″ space each– just like a foursquare court. I’ve gotten a bit behind– life is quick to interfere with creativity and production– but now the November and December issues will mail tomorrow and January and February are almost through the formatting process. (Thus, I’m looking for poetry for March– please send stuff.)

The December issue features work by Ivy Alvarez, Wanda Phipps, Jo Cook and Pattie McCarthy. I’ve been thinking a lot about light/darkness and color lately in my own work (because as some of you know I think of myself as an Impressionist), and because that’s what was on my mind, these issues are what draw the four poems together. Appropriately, the cover image (by Claire Whitehead) is of a girl celebrating St. Lucia Day.

I got the terrific fabric for December on sale so there are ample overruns. If you like the work of any of these four shiny stars, or simply want to check out an issue of Foursquare, this is a good time to order a copy. (Available at Etsy.)


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4 Responses to FOURSQUARE 2.7

  1. François says:

    My friends Cathi McMurphy and Melanie McCallum at SFSU have been doing some very interesting work. Do you want me to tell them to send you work?

  2. Kendra says:

    Have you picked out a theme for the next issue?

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    @Kendra, usually the themes make themselves– I get a dozen poems and see what plays together well. So if you’re thinking of sending stuff, send stuff! without worrying about themes. Themes make themselves.

    (and hi! I haven’t seen you in awhile.)

    @Francois Great! Send them my way! If you have any, ehem, artist friends you want to send my way so I can solicit cover art, please do that too.

  4. François says:

    Hahaha! Of course, of course! There are a lot of people I could think of right now …

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