Poetry is what happens (a poetics of reading blogs, landscapes, people, textures, or anything else that requires sense-making from signs)

There is some confusion, or ambiguity, about my blog’s subtitle (which I have reinstated). If you click on the subtitle, the meaning should become clearer. To clarify further, I propose that disregarding the examples McQuillian provides of specific acts of deconstruction on specific texts, one replaces the word “deconstruction” with the word “poetry” when reading this passage, retaining, however, the word “deconstruction” as a ghost/source text (deconstruction).

The original text, “Deconstruction is what happens,” is Derrida’s, and regards living in the world in general, a meaning which I want to retain for poetry– survival is poetic. This is not to say that poetry (or deconstruction) is positive or negative, just that it is, it happens; moreover, it is descriptive, not prescriptive (it is better if you have a grasp of Derrida’s theories of “deconstruction” and “survival” and can superimpose “poetry,” as if it were on a transparency one could overlay for a secondary meaning but just as easily remove).


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