AWP Day 1: Roll Call (with many parenthetical remarks)

Adam Golaski – Scott Pound* (navigated me through the tempest) – Matthew Klane – Matthew Timmons – Christian Bok (as ever) – Evie Shockley – Jena Osman (super presentation on her periodic table project) – Brent Cunningham – Steve Schroeder* – Matt Henriksen (a busy bee this week) – Joyelle McSweeney* – Johannes Goransson – Tim Peterson* – Ivy Alvarez* (shorter than I expected) – Joan Retallack* – Susan Schultz (my support system while at UVA) – Craig Perez* – Stan Apps* – Clay Banes* (less aggressive than expected) – Elisa Gabbert – John Cotter – Lori Anderson Moseman – Cristiana Baik – Justin Katko (awesome as ever) – Bill Howe – Lisa Howe – Sina Queyras* (taller than I expected) – Alana Wilcox – Erica Kaufman – Jonathan Skinner – Austin Segrest (no superman underoos) – Kaya Oakes* – Lee Ann Brown – Mathias Svalina – Matvei Yankelevich – Jenny Boully* – Bronwen Tate* (so cute) – Dan Hoy* (taller than expected) – Andrea Baker* (so cool) – Graham Foust (who’s apparently a superstar now, which is weird) – Wade Fletcher (who did a great job with Phoebe)

* people I met for the first time today (that I’d known before but not in “real life”) or hadn’t remembered meeting before so I thought it was the first time.

(Sorry, I’m on a Dell laptop so umlauts are lost in translation.)

I got recognized a lot, which is always nice. Go Facebook!


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2 Responses to AWP Day 1: Roll Call (with many parenthetical remarks)

  1. Steven D. Schroeder says:

    Should be an asterisk by me, I believe. 🙂

  2. Ivy says:

    I am rather petite. 😉

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