Available @ AWP

Things that I have work in that will have tables at AWP:
A Sing Economy (Flim Forum)
Cannibal (I also signed the ones that I sewed)
Phoebe (I edited a special feature on women’s visual poetry including work by Brenda Iijima, Michelle Detorie, Helen White, Alixandra Bamford, K. Lorraine Graham, Angela Szczepaniak, Anne Boyer, T.A. Noonan, Jen Scappettone, Jess Rowan and me. It kind of rocks ridiculously hard.)

Also, ixnay has put up .pdfs of their out-of-print issues. I had three poems from bird-book in issue 7, which was a pretty inspiring issue (I liked Terrence Chiusano’s piece).


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2 Responses to Available @ AWP

  1. jess rowan says:

    i want to see Phoebe! what lovely ladies to be alongside 🙂

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    I want to see it too! I haven’t seen the finished product yet either (though the .pdfs I sent looked marvelous)… I want to hold it. I heard from someone– Brenda I think? that it looked great.

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