Greenpoint grocer

A few blocks from here, at Manhattan and Meserole, there’s this awesome natural grocery store. By “natural” I don’t mean that it grew there all by itself, but that it specializes in organic foods. Being in there feels like being in Europe. For one thing, perhaps 25% of the dry goods are Polish (in Polish. No translation.). Many of the people there are speaking Polish to one another. There’s a large selection of kefir, pickled herring, musli, dried soups, European chocolates, and juices. Multiple brands of black currant juice to choose from. Very little in the way of microwave meals or spaghetti sauce (the microwave meals they do stock are, happily, Amy’s). (Wikipedia on Greenpoint, a local blog, and my favorite little landmark so far)


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2 Responses to Greenpoint grocer

  1. Steven Fama says:

    That 1950 oil spill, as set forth in the Wikipedia article, was news to me. I’m only 57 years behind the times on that one….

    Are there Polish bookshops, along with the stores? If yes, do they carry any Milosz?

    Is the L train to Manhattan? Transfer at Union Station to up and down?

    Need a recipe to make your own spaghetti sauce? It freezes well…

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    The spaghetti sauce they do carry looks delicious, and I don’t cook– so– thanks anyway.

    I haven’t seen the bookstores, though I hear they exist. I would expect them to have Milosz. Even B&N does.

    Yeah, I’m on two train lines… L and something (G?). The L goes into town, Union Sq etc. The other one goes into downtown Brooklyn.

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