So there’s this cat…

Georgie Porgie, who’s resided at the CASPCA for at least 7 months now. He lives in the Adult Cat room, which is a comparatively posh place to live at the SPCA. He and 6-12 other cats have a room to themselves with multiple litter boxes, lots of food and water, places to perch and climb and sleep, and other cats for company. It is much better than the digs for most of the adult cats at the SPCA who are stuck in little cages. The cats in the adult cat room have the advantage, through living with other cats, of developing social skills that an isolated cat might not have, so once the Adult Cats do get adopted they’re easier to integrate into prëstablished cat families.

The drawback to living in the Adult Cat room is that adoption is much slower for those cats. They’re harder to see, since they’re in their own little room and most people stroll through the mall-like rooms of cages, and they’re older, where most people look for kittens. So Georgie’s been there since June, at least. That’s when I first met him. I could tell immediately that he was a “good cat,” healthy, playful, loyal and easily handled.

I ended up adopting Djuna instead of Georgie or any number of other prime pets, and Djuna is a great fit with my other cats, so it was a good choice. But Georgie’s always on my mind, and I really want him to find a good home. If you’re adding “enriching lives” (both yours and his!) to your list of New Year’s Resolutions, please consider adopting Georgie.

(Adoption fees are reduced to $20.08 through the end of January.)


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