At Lincoln Center


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15 Responses to At Lincoln Center

  1. editor galaxy says:

    all right



    what [all right]

    just act natural



    I’m just

    going to



    till you’re done

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    ha– yes– something like that.

  3. editor galaxy says:

    I’m a little frustrated… I had that piece broken out all Jessica Smith vispo style… and blogger turned it into a WCW poem. Oh well, one can’t underestimate the importance of a wheelbarrow, I suppose.

  4. Michelle Detorie says:

    you are so cute all nyc styles in your red coat!

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    ha– thanks michelle. one thing i like about nyc so far is that you can look however you want. unlike, say, in stockholm, where you have to be tall, thin, blonde, and wearing some variation on the 3 clothing styles available that season (and the variation better not be too much of a deviation). it seems almost easier to be an individual in such a big anonymous collective. unless, as i experienced this trip, you’re at a poetry reading, where you’re still supposed to look artsy and poety (like poets everywhere). jim and i looked totally blue collar among all these weedy velvet-clad boys with dark-rimmed glasses, and overdressed girls with “cool” accessories. maybe because i wasn’t following the dress code (but dressed to go skating), it was the first time this registered for me as being a bit absurd.

  6. François says:

    jim? behrle?

    was that a cup from starbucks?

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    Yes, the cup is from Starbucks.

    Yes, Jim Behrle.

  8. DUSIE says:

    okay, this reminded me of a Britney citing to and fro from the local Starbucks! ha!

  9. Jessica Smith says:

    Hm… I’ll forgive the comparison to Britney since you spelled “sighting” wrong. 😉

  10. DUSIE says:

    obviously i cite more than sight! esp when typing fast…twas the starbucks cup which drew said comparison.

  11. John Sakkis says:

    the whole “Starbucks is evil” thing doesn’t really exist in NYC…your only options in new york are deli coffee (something we don’t really have in SF) or starbucks…

    coming from the coffee belt it’s hard to get used to…but new yorkers don’t know the difference, or don’t care…plus, nobody’s from new york anyway…

    me and brandon brown once walked 10 new york blocks (a hell’ve lot bigger than SF blocks) looking for a mom n’ pop coffee shop…in san francisco it would take you approx. 3 minutes and half a block to find a decent coffee shop…in new york, we gave up and found starbucks…

  12. Jessica Smith says:

    It’s true, there aren’t as many options unless you’re ok with the home-brew they serve in convenience stores. Though Starbucks isn’t the only coffee place I went to when I was in NY this time– a place I liked, that Jim introduced me to (just to give him credit for knowing where the good coffee is) is gimme coffee. but when you’re just walking around at 10 at night and want a peppermint mocha, starbucks is the game.

  13. Jessica Smith says:

    Plus, isn’t starbucks a lot less evil than they used to be? they have shade-grown and fair trade coffee now.

    Coffee, like tea, is an imperialist business. it seems less likely that small coffee shops follow fair trade standards, since they don’t have the purchasing power of starbucks. and no matter what, it’s still the coffee trade, and makes the same negative environmental impact as any other agribusiness, right?

    Granted, i’m going to try to drink coffee at a small business because i like to support small business (this probably stems from the fact that my family owns a small business– we don’t support big business even with our daily labor–), but that’s true for any purchases I make, not just coffee.

  14. François says:

    coffee, like books, goes through distributors. so while small coffee shops might not have the purchasing power of starbucks, might still abide to fair trade standards.

    i don’t think there is anything that doesn’t go through distribution channels nowadays.

  15. Michelle Detorie says:

    My question: do they put crack in starbucks coffee? because I get a buzz off a venti coffee from starbucks that is unlike anything I get off a big cup of drip coffee from other places.

    In CA there is Peet’s coffee. The Major Dickinson’s blend is fierce.

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