NY Reading, etc.

I’m in NY. Hanging out this morning with Kap, Kap’s darling baby Genevieve (who makes the cutest baby noises and smells like baby!) and Kate was such a nice way to begin the day. I faced a traffic-free drive, mostly up U.S. 1 (which holds a special place in my heart both because I drive it frequently, to NY, and because of Muriel Rukeyser’s poem by that name). Even the Holland Tunnel was nearly traffic-free. I did hit traffic going into Brooklyn, and only arrived at the bookstore at around 530, when the reading was scheduled for 5. However, we started the reading even later than that. I gave a short, sober, serious reading from butterflies, OFC, bird-book, and my poem from the Cy Gist antho-chap, Face Time. Then Shelley Jackson also gave a short (prose) reading. We were out by 6:30, which I think was agreeable to all in attendance, as the very small crowd seemed on its way to other things. For myself, I was on my way to the Daisy Fried and Cathy Park Hong reading at Zinc. I got on and off the subway a few times, figuring out exactly where I was going (I had the idea that Houston was much closer to Brooklyn than it is, because it looks close on the map… but it is many stops on the metro). I arrived and had a much-deserved drink, watched the reading, and then hung out with Jim Behrle, with whom I saw an amazing screening of David Lynch’s Eraserhead (sort of the anti-Genevieve). Afterwards, I came home to my small but hopeful palace and talked shop with Eric for awhile. I think it’ll be great to live with him. My room is very small, but cozy and pleasant. I feel much better about this (move) than I did last night, when (as Kate observed) I was a bit of a nervous wreck.


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One Response to NY Reading, etc.

  1. RW says:

    I’m so jealous!!! That whole entry sounds infinitely better than my weekend: I lived in Tuscaloosa; graded English 101 papers; and felt dreary…

    Go Jessica NYC!!!

    PS – Shelley Jackson was here in T-town a few weeks ago and her reading (with Sabina Murray of all people) was fantastic!

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