One of my goals for the weeks before I move is to use up, or turn into the beautiful combination of rent + poetry, the bookmaking supplies I’ve bought for the very tardy Take-Home Project chapbooks and rereleases of my own work.

Step one in toward this goal: bird-book (originally printed in 2001). You can buy it at etsy for $6.

You can read bird-book for free online at Detumescence, but leafing through its colorful unfettered pages is a totally different, and very pleasurable, reading experience. I think it is some of my best work. I hope you will agree– when you see it.

Portions of bird-book were once-upon-a-time published in: Ferrum Wheel, ixnay, name, Queen Street Quarterly, musicartmovement, and Transient Views of Western New York. You can read Steve Fama’s review of it here.


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One Response to bird-book

  1. Steven Fama says:

    Yes, this particular book — with its unfettered pages and square shape — is great to hold and use.

    I first read bird-book on-line, and while that was (and still is) great to have, the differences between the version on the web and the physical book is simlar to the difference Gaston Bachelard wrote about between a lightbulb turned on with a switch and a flame-lit lamp.

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