very worried walrus

The first storybook character that I remember identifying with was Very Worried Walrus of the Sweet Pickles Gang. Not that I didn’t pretend to be princesses, scullery maids, and everything in between. But I remember really understanding Walrus, really feeling his pain.

When I get nervous about something — to give myself some credit, it’s usually something life-altering (although I still can’t ride a bike 😉 — I still think about Walrus. What if I fall off the bike? What then?


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One Response to very worried walrus

  1. R says:

    I have some experience with this one! What if you fall off your bike?

    Well, it’s usually less a matter of falling off of a bike than falling over into a pile with the bike. Then, what happens is, that you lay there for a little while, hoping that someone else will pick you up and make it better, but also hoping that no one noticed. You think that surely you broke your leg, but no. So you get up, and inspect the damages to your clothes and knees and elbows. They’ll be damaged, at least a little. But not enough to really complain about, unless you know people who are impressed by scabs. (You will find those people during storytime.) You ride your bike home, and feel sorry for yourself. And then something else happens and the day goes on.

    Life-altering decisions, though, those you can worry about.

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