Yesterday was uneventful. I sold 9 memberships for a slightly above-average percentage of 5.8 (4% is a good steady pace). I was at work after a very late night Tuesday. Today, work. Tomorrow, work. This weekend, Jonathan’s girlfriend Rachel is visiting, as is Lorraine (well, Lorraine is in NYC and DC but I will see her in DC). Saturday, this.


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  1. R says:

    this selling memberships thing seems stressful to me. Do you just ask when people are checking out, or do you have to convince them?

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    some people try to convince them, but i find that to be a poor technique unless you can do it really well. i’m not charismatic enough to “sell” things. but we have to mention the membership with each customer, usually in the form of “do you have your membership card?” if they say yes, then great. if no, then the game begins. usually i just say, “do you want one?” and when someone comes who wants one, it doesn’t take any “selling,” while it is harder and there is more potential for them to get annoyed if you try to convince them to buy something they don’t want or don’t think they need.

    But, as I’ve said before, if you shop at B&N you should really have a membership card. It makes the prices more comparable to Amazon’s, although you actually have to work at B&N to get prices down as low as Amazon’s, typically. But unless there’s a brand-new book like Scroggins’s new Zukofsky bio, there is no need to buy new books. There are so many used books already in the world, and they are much cheaper.

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