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Santore’s Oz

One of the books I bought at last week’s library sale was Charles Santore’s rendering of The Wizard of Oz. I don’t know why more people don’t read the Oz books. They’re wonderful– at least Baum’s are (there are dozens– … Continue reading

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recent and forthcoming

Handwritten visual poetry featured in the Opera Cabal “Delusions” Festival as part of Nicholas Demaison‘s Ursularia (thx AG for the reminder). Interview (with Jeff Davis) and reading from Organic Furniture Cellar to be broadcast on Asheville’s WPVM on Nov. 4 … Continue reading

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At work

photo by kthread

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Whenever I reread Hans Christian Andersen stories I am shocked at how macabre and pre-Kafka-esque they are. Try “The Fir Tree.” (Try “Auntie Toothache” too if you can find it.)

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What arrived while I was in D.C., besides bills

Jack Crimmins sent along this amazing little book.

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I wrote some poetry last night, though I haven’t yet decided whether it’s any good. Like the poetry I wrote a few days ago, it’s more lyrical, but there’s still a fragmentation, or rather, words seem to sort themselves into … Continue reading

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Lately my life is a series of events I didn’t plan or foresee

Yesterday I wrote a short poem (4 small pages) for she/riff, the tiny, slow chapbook project that will now (eventually) include work by me, Alix, Jack Crimmins, and possibly Adam. I didn’t expect to write a poem, much less one … Continue reading

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sudden fall

It’s raining a little, and all the leaves are popping. Over the last week or so they’ve gradually come out– gradually compared to today, when they are ecstatic.

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very worried walrus

The first storybook character that I remember identifying with was Very Worried Walrus of the Sweet Pickles Gang. Not that I didn’t pretend to be princesses, scullery maids, and everything in between. But I remember really understanding Walrus, really feeling … Continue reading

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Yesterday was uneventful. I sold 9 memberships for a slightly above-average percentage of 5.8 (4% is a good steady pace). I was at work after a very late night Tuesday. Today, work. Tomorrow, work. This weekend, Jonathan’s girlfriend Rachel is … Continue reading

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Reading for Pleasure

Yesterday I had the day off, which meant that I cleaned and ran errands and tried to push 4SQ forward (now awaiting cover art permissions– October might be available before Aug. or Sept.) Tried to write or find or somehow … Continue reading

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I remember it like this. Sweet and waxy. The comb collapsing from a hollow symmetrical architecture into a tiny chewy lump.

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Last night I went to Michael’s (local bar with good food and great beer on tap) with some friends, and it was great. They’d added the fantastic pot pie back to the menu for the season. This morning I went … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing rocks

I recommend The Grass is Singing, of course. An amazing portrayal of depression; of racism, of modern homesteading, of domestic violence. What Duras is to India in the India Cycle, Lessing is to South Africa in this novel. But that’s … Continue reading

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More from Durham

Brian and Ashley Howe’s video from Saturday night. And part of my reading. And a funny video Kate took on Sunday.

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Mark posts about the aesthetics of audience appreciation, so to speak, if that is a larger topic that encompasses Ron’s reflections and the discussion of my reading on Lucipo (and my anti-reading stance and Anti-Readings and the history of thinking … Continue reading

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I drove down to Durham on Saturday after a very long night Friday, and on the way I listened to The Sound and the Fury. I got most of the way through Quentin. I’ve read it before– written papers on … Continue reading

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Read tonight in Durham, at Kate and Maggie’s house; a bigger turnout than my last reading in NYC.

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Carter Mountain Orchard

Today I had the day off, so I convinced Mark to go apple-picking with me. Mostly I wanted to take pictures of apples and think about them so that I can write poems about them. I also got some real … Continue reading

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Protected: There’s no place like home.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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