This calls for a spreadsheet!

Fantasizing is more fun with graphs and charts.


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7 Responses to This calls for a spreadsheet!

  1. eric unger says:

    Brown in NY?

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Since I’m not a *complete* idiot (but thanks for all the backchanneled corrections guys!) I do know that Brown is in Providence and that Rhode Island is, shockingly, a whole different state than NY! However, I have two friends who live in NYC who’ve recently attended Brown, so I suspect that some kind of commutership can be accomplished. After all, if one plans one’s classes cleverly, being in graduate school doesn’t require a lot of time on campus. Being in Providence for 2 days of the week, say, would allow me to live in a bigger city the rest of the time if I chose. Plus, the list is less about “I will live in x city and attend y school” than “If I commit to moving to x city, then what schools might I be interested in attending if I choose to go back to school in the future.”

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    UMD isn’t in DC, either.

  4. Amish Trivedi says:

    Oooh…UGA! Jed Rasula, Adam Parkes, Simon Gatrell…good crew…

    Also, consider the rest of your spread sheet, you could *possibly* get away with living in Atlanta…but Athens ROCKS, so why would you?

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    I heart Jed Rasula and his massive collection of vispo, but I worry about being further South than I already am. People are crazy down here, and Charlottesville is “liberal”! Athens has a bohemian history, but will I not feel even more isolated, geographically and politically, there?

  6. RW says:

    Oooh, ooh, oooh! I just had a brilliant idea: what about an MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago?

    1-It’s in Chicago
    2-I’ve heard there’s a TON of visiting “profs” (mostly visual artists)…
    3-It’s pretty far away from Cville, the South, and in a city you’ve never lived before. (Have you?)

    I think it’d be SO cool! You’d be doing what you WANT to do… and getting a degree and support to do it!

    I believe one of my former teachers is a co-chair or something. His name’s Daniel Beachy-Quick and he is one of the hands-down sweetest, most intelligent, and wonderful people I’ve ever studied under. (Or studied “with” 🙂 In fact, it was for his class that I read Deleuze & Guattari for the first time.)

    Oh, PS – the damned Tin House peeps rejected my review of OFC. It’s under review at Rain Taxi right now.

    Whaddya think about Chi-town & SAIC?

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    Oooh, that *is* a brilliant idea Ray! There are tons of cool people in Chicago right now– the House Press folks, women I’ve published in 4SQ, Kristy Bowen, Jen Scappettone– and it fits my critera: big but not too big, lots of art/music culture, lots of cool architecture, good public transit. And a degree from an arts school that might understand my work better than a more conventional MFA program. That is definitely something to consider.

    Damn Tin House! 😉 But I will be thrilled to have a review of OFC wherever you place it. Thanks for writing it and for working to get it into a magazine!

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