matchbox books

More from the lands of “you already saw this at Silliman’s” and art with pyro potential: James Davies’s matchbox. I received 1-10 (except 2) in the mail yesterday and I’m delighted. I esp. like Jarnot’s and Inman’s.

Today I didn’t have to work, but I went to B&N anyway and scanned books about architecture and artists’ books. Also looked at what books we had of Kiki Smith and Kara Walker. Did you know the latter made a pop-up book? I am more smitten than ever.

I also bought a bookmark that’s been staring at me from across the registers.


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2 Responses to matchbox books

  1. silencius says:

    Here’s a book I photographed (badly, unfortunately) at UW. It was letterpress printed _on_ matches.

    Images links on the left.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    let’s see if i can get this link to work: matchbook

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