Last summer, 2006, Ray and I went to the Book Expo when it was in D.C. Like kids in a candy store, Ray and I ran all over the place picking up free books and toys intended to market each vendor/publisher’s products. It was extremely fun (funner than AWP although there were fewer poets there). Now it is proving to have been a good learning experience, as I see books at B&N that came out at the Expo, or that I picked up there, or sometimes I see gaps where I think we should have stocked a book that was available at the Expo (the most notorious example of this is that our in-stock collected Shakespeare section is egregiously overpriced– if you were an English major you might remember how much the Riverside Shakespeare costs– when multiple paperback collections are available at under $20 apiece, new). It’s interesting to see the books in the store, in the “how a bill becomes a law” kind of chain of events.

From the vague message left on my answering machine this morning, I ascertain that I did not get the UVA Library job. But that’s ok. I don’t have to go to work until 5 this afternoon, and that kind of flexible scheduling suits me just fine.


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One Response to Books

  1. Ray-Ray says:

    hahaha, ME TOO!!! Especially the “Wicked French Book” or whatever it was that I grabbed. I see it everywhere.

    ooooh, that was awesome.

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