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Quoth the raven

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing…“ Advertisements

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For those of you who think being omnivorous is avant-garde, there’s a new arts magazine called meatpaper.

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welcoming two new micropresses

The Press Gang is organized by Cristiana Baik (AL) and Sara Wintz (NY) and is focused on publishing avant writers. I met Cristiana when I was living in Birmingham and I thought she was wonderful. With the resources for artists’ … Continue reading

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Harris Teeter disappoints

Cider. Cide. Er. We have apple juice. Stocker probably thought I was nuts as I held up various bottles of apple juice to the light to find the most opaque one. This one did not end up tasting like cider. … Continue reading

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Autumn in (Western) New York

I miss it very. I needed to get out of Buffalo for awhile, but just as intensely I feel a need to return. In the meantime I’m going to Harris Teeter to find some apple cider and gingersnaps. It’s not … Continue reading

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This calls for a spreadsheet!

Fantasizing is more fun with graphs and charts.

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I could see myself fantasizing

Names I would name my twin daughters: Cora and ColettePlaces I might live: San Diego, Vancouver, Vienna, Philadelphia, BaltimorePrograms I could attend: UCSD (Lit), UMD (Library), Penn (Anthropology)

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I still need one more poem for the CA Girls/August issue of 4SQ. Anyone?

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Last night: dreamt that I had a golden retriever and went back to school for an MBA.Today: Errands, then work work work (in the café tonight). Happy birthday to Rod.

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My duplex printer just printed duplex. OMG.

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matchbox books

More from the lands of “you already saw this at Silliman’s” and art with pyro potential: James Davies’s matchbox. I received 1-10 (except 2) in the mail yesterday and I’m delighted. I esp. like Jarnot’s and Inman’s. Today I didn’t … Continue reading

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UC Press Sale

Well, I spent all my money. Your turn! (Still waiting for the collected Creeley to come down a little.)

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Brian Dettmar and Kin-Wah Tsang

I know you all read Silliman’s blog but Brian Dettmar’s work bears repeating. Also, Kin-Wah Tsang’s work is up at the Yvon Lambert Gallery.

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Today, other than working, I am cleaning everything, like in The Velveteen Rabbit but with bleach instead of fire.

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Against the dying of the light

Work today was hard. Earlier in the day than usual, I began judging and consequently disliking many of the customers. Mostly my mind was on Tommy and my parents. Since last night, I’ve been thinking a lot about FIP and … Continue reading

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FOURSQUARE Special Edition Maureen Thorson + 2.2

These are finally, really really, on their way. 4SQ 2.2 features featuring Nava Fader, Michalle Gould, Reb Livingston and Sheila E. Murphy. cover art by Debbie Clapper. Buy overruns at Etsy. (2.3-4 will be out shortly– you might be getting … Continue reading

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Last summer, 2006, Ray and I went to the Book Expo when it was in D.C. Like kids in a candy store, Ray and I ran all over the place picking up free books and toys intended to market each … Continue reading

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If you love it so much then why don’t you marry it?

It is glorious to have a functioning printer again. I haven’t tried duplexing on it (it’s supposed to duplex), but I have tried color and B&W printing and scanning and they look great– at least as good as my last … Continue reading

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Raleigh-Durham Reading details

date: Oct. 6hosts: Kate and Maggievenue: 811 wilkersontime: 7PM [reading at 8 SHARP!]readers: Brian Howe, Ashley Howe and me.

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Yesterday: worked till midnight, which was tiring. Today: went to the market, took a nap. Plans: 4SQ, make my printer become a fax machine. Reading in Raleigh-Durham on Oct. 6. Details to follow.

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Today I interviewed for a job at the UVA Library. I’m not sure how the interview went. I thought it went well, in that there is nothing they expect me to do that I haven’t done before. Their questions were … Continue reading

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So far, the best part about working at B&N is the Cafe discount. On food we get 50% off, which means I can have lunch for about $2.50. A double-espresso is about $1. I think I’ll be interviewing for the … Continue reading

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OFC update

A review from a fairly mainstream but very engaged reader at Growler. I really like this review. I feel like I can learn from it. Current sales calculations stand around 500. Now I can buy a new microwave. Mine’s possessed, … Continue reading

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You were always on my mind

My entry for Attention Span. I made the initial list of books about a month ago, mulled over it, adjusted a few titles, and typed it up (predictably, at the very last minute). I tried to only list things that … Continue reading

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