Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 1)

Ranked 1-5 stars, SQ and AR
***** Supernova (buy)
**** Superstar (buy)
*** Sunshine (hold)
** Red Giant (hold)
* White Dwarf (sell)
SQ Not avant-garde enough for my rating system
AR Ain’t Read it yet.


A Book of Days, Pt 1: Sorcery. February 1 – May 31, 2007, Hugh and Mary Behm-Steinberg (***)
brief history of girl as match, kristy bowen (***)
cor•re•spon•dence, Jessica Bozek + Eli Queen (****)
Truancy, Sarah Anne Cox (**)
Bellum Letters, Michelle Detorie (****)
a gunless tea, marco giovenale (AR)
North of There, Chris Pusateri (AR)
Beauty [is the new absurdity], Jennifer Scappettone (***)
The Singers, Logan Ryan Smith (AR)

Notes: I like how Bozek/Queen, Scappettone, and Detorie are trying to figure out new ways of using the page (plasticly, as it were), including Detorie’s experiment in translating hypertext to print. Except for Smith, which is POD, these are all DIY; Scappettone, Giovenale, and Bozek/Queen are particularly nice little editions.

Recommended: Bowen, Bozek/Queen, Detorie, Scappettone

Bootstrap Productions

On Going, Tom Morgan (**)
Beloved Integer, Michelle Naka Pierce (SQ)
A book of PROPHESIES, John Wieners (***)

Notes: Morgan is narratively v. interesting but I’m not sure why he has chosen to use the page space as he has. I am not sure how form/content are interacting, why the form is necessary, etc. in this work. Same with Pierce, but I found the narrative less interesting. Wieners, a published sketchbook, inspiring in terms of both form and content (how to publish drafts, plus Wieners is just goddamn smart).

Recommended: Wieners


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7 Responses to Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 1)

  1. Ed says:

    the book-store that I didn’t remember (how cld I forget?):


    31 Third Avenue
    New York, New York

    this is the second location I think both are now gone as are most of the poets who were connected with St. Mark’s

    seems to me Rochelle Owens is still connected to St. Mark’s which has always been more than just their cld at any moment hang out and read at the church and get “collected”… cheers, Ed Baker

  2. DUSIE says:

    sell? send me those white dwarfs please. . .

    btw, do you have my Winterthur addy? everything has been getting forwarded…also you owe me some of yr chaps matey!


  3. Jessica Smith says:

    ed, i think St. Mark’s is still a happenin’ place, with readings and performance/art going on constantly. the bookstore is still there, a couple of blocks off.

    susana, i am very unlikely to actually sell one-star books, after all, they are still books and i have a duty to keep and protect them! 🙂 i owe you 4SQs but there haven’t been any new ones yet as my printer is kaputt and i haven’t gotten a new one yet. but it’s on my list of things to do this week. i think i have your address, but just to make sure, send it again.

    and thanks for telling people to send me Dusie chaps!

  4. DUSIE says:

    oh good, glad we have that clarified Ms Smith, White Dwarfs do need homes too!


    and i also meant yr chaps so long ago promised, alas, yet to be delivered….

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    1. Since my printers are broken nothing that has to be printed out has been mailed.

    2. God forbid I be critical of anyone’s poetry on a blog that no one reads! The stars, 1-5, still correspond to the original designations, and SQ still does imply that I’m calling all boring narrative poetry School of Quietude whether Ron would call it that or not. Down with boring narrative poetry! Poetry ought to do something!

  6. Tawrin says:

    What about the brown dwarf? (It’s dimmer than a white dwarf.) Neutron star? (It’s possibly the sweetest stellar object.)

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    you’re welcome to replace my under-researched star names.

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