how to rank books

I’ve been trying to come up with a shorthand system for reviewing the many books I get in the mail, so that when I list “recent acquisitions” I can mark the books without getting into details. After considering the food chain, stocks and bonds, types of chocolate, and film, I decided to go with the standard 5-star system.

***** Go get this now, it will change your life ****  Solid; a good read ***   Standard fare **    Eh *     Maddeningly incompetent SQ    Unfit to be ranked

That said, a recent acquisitions list to come.


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5 Responses to how to rank books

  1. Steven Fama says:

    This seems to be a well-thought short-hand, and I look forward to seeing it “in action.”

    If possible, maybe for the five-star books you could add something (a sentence or two, or even a phrase) about how each book shazammed you. I know the point here is to use the shorthand, but for the five-star books a few words about your enthusiasm would be fun.

    “Exuberance is beauty.”

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    I will; I doubt I could be silenced if I found a 5-star book.

  3. Kevin Doran says:

    I like how you say ‘if’. =)

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    I intend to be very conservative with my rankings. I mean, after all, there’s a whole category for “this doesn’t even make the scale” (SQ). So even the “maddeningly incompetent” have *something* going for them. I might set out a few examples of each species (what would be 5-star, 4-star, etc) so the standards are clear.

  5. J Crockett says:

    my 3 is your 4 🙂

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