busy for me, boring for you

Nothing is going on here, really. I’m applying for jobs–everything I can find. I’ve started calling the foster cat Birgitte; she is eating, purring, doing ok (not great. improving steadily, if slowly). Planning poems. Glad my friend Ray is back from Senegal. Excited that Michelle is coming to visit Cville later this week. Positively joyful that Lorraine will be in NY in October. Visiting NYC this coming weekend. Doing household chores, tinkering with the printers. 4SQ 2.2 is late; 2.3 will be late; 2.4 will be on time.


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4 Responses to busy for me, boring for you

  1. DUSIE says:

    that’s your new cat, huh?

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    haha, susana. i can’t keep her! (naming her is a bad sign, i admit.)

  3. DUSIE says:

    what is her name, Kitty? Stella’s first baby doll is called Kitty, because when she got it I asked her what her name was (tho she still didn’t really talk then) and she answered, meeeoooow!

  4. Jessica Smith says:


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