It would be really great if one of the three printers I own actually worked.


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  1. eric unger says:

    Of course hardly any printer components or even cartridges are compatible, otherwise I’d say plunder for usable parts and build a super-printer.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    In the past week, my car broke (now it’s fixed), my printers broke, my rent check bounced (it’s being cleared up), i lost my cell phone (i found it now), i sprained my ankle (it’s feeling better), i got expelled from school (which actually makes me happy). none of these things are individually very stressful; i mean it’s not like i’m living in fear of my boyfriend and waking up screaming from nightmares. 🙂 but it’s been kind of a ride.

  3. François says:

    much like i wish i had my scanner with me.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    a scanner seems like something you could get cheap/free off craigslist in a town like SF.

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