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I have a new printer! And a label maker, and an interview next week for a salaried position at UVA library (though, I really like working at B&N), and a lucrative part-time job (thx SS). I am also in possession … Continue reading

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When I get off work today I am buying a printer! So I can make 4SQ this weekend! Finally!

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Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 2)

dancing girl pressscenes from the body, robyn artAlluvium, Erin M. Bertramat the hotel andromeda, Kristy Bowen + Lauren Levato (*****)How to Study Birds, Sarah GardnerThe Animal Husband, Christine HammOrange Girl, Simone MuenchAlphabet for M, Jesse Nissamno isla encanta, Khadijah Queenwhat … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisitions (by publisher, pt 1)

Ranked 1-5 stars, SQ and AR***** Supernova (buy)**** Superstar (buy)*** Sunshine (hold)** Red Giant (hold)* White Dwarf (sell)SQ Not avant-garde enough for my rating systemAR Ain’t Read it yet.dusieA Book of Days, Pt 1: Sorcery. February 1 – May 31, … Continue reading

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Reading is sexy

Make yourself feel better about how much you’ve read this year.

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Weekend excursion

This weekend I visited New York, went to a couple of parties, ate sushi with my brother and his girlfriend, and went to the Guggenheim and the Strand for the first time. The host of one of the parties had … Continue reading

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Yesterday was so wonderful. The weather was perfect. Michelle came to visit and we talked about very many things. We went to Dedalus Books (a Cville institution) where I made off like a bandit with inexpensive and very fine backissues … Continue reading

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Now is the time to get a cat.

Now through 8/18, cats at the CASPCA have only a $10 adoption fee. Get someone soft to sit on your lap and purr while you study for orals! Some I’d recommend are 8-Ball and Shooter, Georgie Porgie, and the cat … Continue reading

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More thoughts about ranking systems

I feel that when ranking books, I should consider different genres differently. As you know if you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, I consider, for instance, the chapbook to be a different subgenre, or form, than the book. You … Continue reading

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Who’s going?

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musical interlude

Homage to CB? I’m going to start performing this at readings, but Lorraine can keep the jumpsuit.

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how to rank books

I’ve been trying to come up with a shorthand system for reviewing the many books I get in the mail, so that when I list “recent acquisitions” I can mark the books without getting into details. After considering the food … Continue reading

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busy for me, boring for you

Nothing is going on here, really. I’m applying for jobs–everything I can find. I’ve started calling the foster cat Birgitte; she is eating, purring, doing ok (not great. improving steadily, if slowly). Planning poems. Glad my friend Ray is back … Continue reading

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It would be really great if one of the three printers I own actually worked.

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ixnay + dANDelion

ixnay archives. Older work from me and Mark Wallace in #7. dANDelion seeks works (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, interviews, and visual art) that engage the theme of Radical Translation. Submissions may include, but are not limited to: existing works translated through … Continue reading

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Bonding with Foster Cat

Yesterday when I went to the shelter to pick up a foster cat, I expected to get a litter of kittens. They’re completely overrun with kittens, but won’t adopt them out until they’re 2 mos., so in the meantime kittens … Continue reading

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OFC’s Bday

In the rush of events, I almost forgot: today is the 1yr anniversary of the arrival of Organic Furniture Cellar. Aug. 7 is also Darren Wershler-Henry’s birthday and the day the ban on Ulysses was overturned.

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"You’re not supposed to be here."

A few months ago I had one of those uncanny Freudian feelings… like everything suddenly made sense and the sense it made was ominous… when I discovered that the UVA English building was designed by Michael Graves.

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It’s been 7 hours and 1.5 days…

As after a break-up with a person I am purging my house of reminders of school (course materials are being shut-up in my filing cabinet, course-related books re-shelved) and thinking of all the lovely things I can do now that … Continue reading

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September’s challenge is to memorize 4 poems. Seems like something I should get in on. (via Steve.)

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(photo by Maggie.)

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Jeremiah was a bullfrog

I’m researching a folktale called “The Child and the Snake” for my folklore class. A Google search will provide many versions, one of which is the Grimms’ #105. In this version of the tale, the snake is an “Unke,” which … Continue reading

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"Sit here for the present."

This post will have subtitles. Guess the title reference game(Cf. CSP) Post title will be obvious to my mother and possibly familiar to those with school-age children. HeatIt’s hot. LibraryDiscovered the (very small, at least in Alderman) ethnobotany section. Hours … Continue reading

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Don’t smoke

Maureen found these tiny cigarette books. Though reprints and mass-produced, I like the gimmick so much that I thought it was worth mentioning. You can give up smoking and still carry something rolled-up in your shirt sleeve. Of course they’re … Continue reading

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