"Cup-Like Lilies": Cleromancy Project for Hex Presse

I “curated” a set of dice for Michelle Detorie‘s Cleromancy project through Hex Presse. Michelle has been making dice poems for awhile with her entrancing die*o*rama project, so when I chose words from Christina Rossetti‘s works to make the dice, I did so with Michelle’s word habitats in mind. With these hand-pyrographed dice you can make your own 3-D poetic environments, or you can simply use them to spur your imagination when you write poetry. For sale at Etsy.


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3 Responses to "Cup-Like Lilies": Cleromancy Project for Hex Presse

  1. Michelle Detorie says:

    thanks again for curating, Jessica! Your sets are really interesting. In addition to being intriguing/surprising ways to engage with Rossetti, they are sort of snapshots of you as a reader/poem maker.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Thanks for asking me to do this, Michelle, it was fun! It was fun to steal lovely phrases from CR, and fun to decide… how are these words going to go together when thrown? Thinking of you, Cage, Rossetti and Mallarme together when choosing, along with my recent interest (as a poet) in gardening. Quite an interesting experience to see those all rise up together, ghostly, out of these texts.

  3. John Sakkis says:

    D&D poems. kick ass.

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