Charlottesville is getting quite a thunderstorm. This morning I got approved to foster sick and underage (too young to be adopted) kittens for the CASPCA. I did not get the limited edition email (a bit undertheorized– why print it out?– but cool). A couple of more Dickinson Cleromancy sets are up for sale.


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  1. Steven Fama says:

    I wish there were lots who could care for animals as you are doing for the CASPCA kittens.

    On the bigger picture, I agree with with Bob Barker. We need to insist that pets be spayed or neutered.

    The statistics in California are sickening. Although hundreds of thousands of domestic animals are placed each year by shelters, etc., an equal number are not.

    I saw a news report about this last night — there is a proposed law here in California to require pets to be spayed / neutered (it probably will not pass) — and it disturbed my sleep.

    But why should I be surprised or disturbed about our collective disregard of animals? We also pay no heed to the concept of human population control (except I guess China tries to limit population), even though there are plainly way too many people for the resources of this mud ball we call home. Many die each year because, in essence, there is no way to take everyone in, just as is the case with domestic animals.

    I need a long walk.

    Or maybe I should order those Dickinson dice. They look fun.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    The woman who’s in charge of fostering visited me at 11 am and said that the shelter had taken in 38 kittens *this morning*. Not including cats, dogs, and other animals. And the intake has *slowed.* They were really overwhelmed in the last few weeks. Altogether there are over 300 cats being taken care of by the shelter and its fosters. Charlottesville is a tiny town!

    It is definitely important to spay/neuter your pet.

    Human overpopulation is important too, but we can’t go around sterilizing people. People just need to be informed and have access to birth control. Thank god for places like Planned Parenthood.

  3. Steven Fama says:

    Oh I hope I didn’t give the impression that people should be sterilized. That can’t be done.

    But massive tax incentives for single child couples or child-less adults, or strict tax consequences for those who have more than a single child, I could get behind, assuming there was some way to actually determine whose progeny was whose. Which ain’t easy.

    Sigh. There will be 60 million people in California by 2050 (unless I get extremely lucky, I won’t be one, though I would dearly love it). When I was a kid ZPG was an integral part of Earth Day (the first one) and environmentalism too. Now it seems it is hardly discussed.

    You know, I guess that having more than a couple kids, in terms of what it means for the world, is probably as or more harmful than driving a Hummer.

    Anyway, I bought the dice, so thanks much for the tip on that. The clincher was that some of the words are taken from “The Brain–is wider than the Sky” which is one of my favorites in part because it flatters my fanciful perception of the powers of the mind.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Luckily, I think it’s becoming more socially acceptable not to have children. It’s not the 80s, women don’t have to prove they can “juggle” a career and motherhood in some quest for uber-femininity. You can pick one or the other, or both, or whatever you want. Personally, I would like to have children or to adopt children. There are over 100 children (not babies) in VA who are looking for permanent homes.

    It is disturbing that sex education isn’t a part of school, or even church, curricula. Or, like, an afternoon program on PBS. Even growing up in the incredibly conservative environment that I did, we had sex education to do the very basic work of informing kids that you could get pregnant the first time, and when having sex standing up, and etc. Of course the underlying message was “don’t have sex.” But those of us who did become sexually active knew how and why to procure birth control.

    I saw that both Cleromancy sets had been purchased, and I was glad. I’m looking forward to getting my “contributor’s copies” of the next two, which are from Rossetti.

  5. Michelle Detorie says:

    I just put the last of Dickinson cleromancy sets up. Each set comes out in a limited edition of six. Once the last Dickinson set sells, I’ll be posting the first of your Rossetti Cleromancies!

  6. Michelle Detorie says:

    also, thanks to Steven for buying the Dickinson set. I hope that you like it!

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    Looking fwd to it, Michelle. The pictures I saw looked awesome.

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