Found a pile of old poetry trading cards, still in mint condition! Up at Etsy.


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  1. Tawrin says:

    “O, to reform that impossible past, to work what Will, terrible, and secure, “

  2. kevin.thurston says:

    funny how this works. (this means quite a bit). im currently working on a large donation to the SUNY rare books library and am glad i’m not selling it. there is something confusing about this type of transaction, namely, the profit goes to the person who has it and is willing to part with it. nothing too strange about that, for sure, but it is odd when it is an act of collective labor that isn’t entirely directed to selling (unlike, say, UAW produced automobiles). this is more a giant ‘just saying’ then offering any direction or opinion.

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    Ah, I used to donate stuff to the library at Buffalo, before I had giant credit card debt and rent and bills. Every $5 helps.

    I have a massive amount of name stuff… used to have more, have been selling it off piece by piece… this is the benefit of being a packrat, that when things become valuable you have them.

    I don’t think it’s any different than if I was selling any used book. You just happen to have been involved with this. But, for instance, I’m looking to sell my copy of ecopoetics 3. I don’t have work in it, I just happen to have 2 copies. Eric has work in it, and Jonathan edited it; I know them, but I’m not going to give them royalties from the sale.

    Similarly, when there are used copies of my book, I will not receive royalties from the resale.

    Also a “just saying” kind of comment.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    If anyone ever wants to start a name archive, I will sell them what I have (issues, correspondence, newspaper clippings, dummies, ephemera) for $1500 (price subject to change).

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