Adeena (Karasick)

I named my cat Adeena. She looks like a Zora, but she won’t answer to it. She answers to Djuna, but you can tell it isn’t “her.” I broke my modernist streak, but for a good cause. I am pretty sure this will stick.

Adeena (the poet) has some interesting things to say to Nada Gordon about performance over here.

The huge, packed with poetry, well-worth-the-expense, pretty, with color photographs mammoth thing called Soft Targets Vol. 2 is out.


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One Response to Adeena (Karasick)

  1. Ed says:

    Adeena (the poet) is no
    Sheila Chandra

    for “starters” her THE ZEN KISS much imitated but w/out the nuances of timbre
    and depth of phrasings
    another ‘voice’ : Sumi Jo

    we just put our calico Amilia “down” 14 years old 9 weeks w/ tumor.. sad what “we” put into our boddhi s, mind s, and feed to

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