The new cat’s name: Zora or Djuna? Also a possibility: Ariel.


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  1. DUSIE says:

    Zora or Zelda, defintely!

    she is darling!

  2. Ernesto says:


  3. Amelia Lohrenz says:

    I like Zelda, but I advise against it because having a Hilda and a Zelda in the same house will cause everyone to call you Sabrina.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Zelda wasn’t an option! Djuna or Zora.

    The current score:
    Djuna 3
    Zora (2) b/c I’m counting Amelia’s vote as for Zora.

  5. kfd313 says:

    hey jess–

    i have a black cat named djuna and she’s a bit weird, hard to bond w/, so just warning ya!


    p.s. i want to name any new cat–tho i won’t be getting one for a while so it’s yours if you like it–Colette. (or is that too pretentious?)

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    Colette is a good name.

    So far I have taken to calling her Djuna and Djun-bug. She answers to Djuna more readily than to Zora.

  7. Amish Trivedi says:

    I was about to say Djuna. Nightwood rocks. Or whatever the hell it’s called.

  8. Jessica Smith says:

    Djuna 4
    Zora 3 (jordan s sez zora)

    The only problem with Djuna– well besides the potential intimacy problems Kristine mentions– is that Djuna is Yet Another White Modernist. When there are so many good black modernist names to choose from. I am waiting to use Claude, Vachel, Zora, Sterling, Abraham Lincoln, Jean, Aime… “Zora” would solve this problem.

  9. DUSIE says:

    well then, Zora has my vote! ZNH used to travel around with some white companian and pretend to the white folk that she was some kind of African princess…very dramatic…but it was more likely so they would allow her to stay at whatever accomodation she was trying to get in…love dust tracks…

    how does one pronounce djuna (die-yoon-a) right?

    I love the name Zelda…I didn’t realize Sabrina had cats with these names! I have never even seen that show…I think of Zelda Fitzgerald…

  10. Jessica Smith says:

    I thought it was Djoona (strong J sound followed by una, like Juno)… because there’s a cafe named for her in Ithaca called Juna’s. But it may be one of these words I’ve decided the pronunciation of independently, like I pronounce Ulysses wrong (I pronounce it as if it were Odysseus).

    I can’t name her Zelda– that’s my great-grandmother’s name, and I like it, but I also like it enough that I want to keep it as a potential name for a little person rather than for a little cat. Zelda Fitzgerald is, of course, awesome. And from Alabama 😉

    Another name I was thinking of was Josie/Josephine, but I don’t think this cat is a Josephine.

  11. Jessica Smith says:

    p.s. Sabrina’s aunts, if I remember correctly, not her cats. (As in Sabrina the Teenage Witch not Audrey Hepburn)

  12. Small Fry says:

    Eventually, she will tell you her name, and you’ll know if it’s Djuna or Zora or Zelda or Ariel or something else…

  13. Small Fry says:

    And also, Djuna Barnes is indeed a white modernist, but she’s not yet another white modernist.

    Vachel is appealing though. Sometimes names change. Kaia and Jules have a cat named Henry who at a certain point became, quite obviously, Henri.

  14. Jessica Smith says:

    Lorraine, you’re right. It was a few weeks after naming Hilda that I found out her name was Frida. I still call her Hilda, though, and she lets me, although we both know her name is Frida.

    Basil is Basil, or Baz.

    I am currently calling Djuna/Zora both of those names. She answers to Djuna which makes me think that’s close to the name she wants to be called. I have not tried “Dora” (Eudora Welty).

    There’s been another vote for Zora from Jenny S, making the score 4:5

  15. Jessica Smith says:

    A vote from Lori E. for Zora. 4:6

  16. eric d says:

    i like zora

  17. DUSIE says:

    Oh then I totally see why you want to keep that name… it is a name dying for a comeback…but a bit too gritty for most folks…btw, I consider Stella a gritty name! I love how the old names are coming back. My sister just had a baby and named her Ava. That’s right, Ava Gardner! Her middle name is Lilian after my gram’s middle name and a great aunt’s first name…Stella has taken to call her Ava Lily…so sweet…

  18. tmorange says:

    djuna is such a good name for a cat that i might have to get a cat just for that purpose.

    have to be careful tho: naming pets after, say, french theorists is just too grad school.

  19. Ernesto says:

    I loved Djuna and I love Nightwood. Zora is cool, too. I also agree that she will let you know what her true name is… Oliver soon convinced me he was “Cat”; he was more a Truman Capote fan than a Dickensian… I still talk of him as Oliver, though.

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