I saw Sicko. I laughed. I cried. Literally. I felt like puking. I didn’t puke, but I liked the audience participation aspect: a film about sickness that actually makes you feel sick! I felt like moving to Canada. I thought it was Moore’s best film yet. It is really, really worth seeing. If you’re on the west coast you can probably still get tickets for tonight. Go! Now!

Of course, I’m probably preaching to the choir. How many poets are Republicans.


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12 Responses to Sicko

  1. Tawrin says:

    Michael Moore nauseates me.

  2. Steven Fama says:

    For a negative review of Sicko see David Denby’s piece in this week’s New Yorker.

    Since I ain’t yet seen the flick, I don’t know, but Denby launches what appear to be some thought-provoking barbs at what he essentially asserts is a simplistic “take” on the subject.

  3. Tawrin says:

    What I mean is, he seems to believe that it is funamentally ok to manipulate people for a good cause.

    His films, at base, are absolutely anticritical.

    He is dishonest.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Tawrin, although this is generally true, I felt it was less the case with Sicko than with MM’s previous films. There is still a feeling like one isn’t getting all the facts, but the facts MM does present speak very loudly for themselves.

  5. Jessica Smith says:
  6. François says:

    Dana Gioia and John Barr are both Republican poets. Ted Kooser might be one too. But the three of them are idiots and boring.

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    François– I guess I meant “us,” the “post-avant.” That other crap isn’t poetry. 😉

  8. Amish Trivedi says:

    Until I read Mr. F’s response and your response to it, I was going to say “too many”.

    Republicans > 0 = too many.

  9. Jessica Smith says:


  10. Tawrin says:

    I googled “conservative poets” and these are the first two results:

    Yeah, totally fucked up. Especially check out the second post at the first link, and the commentary of the cummings poem at the second link.

    Though, the first result for “liberal poets” is just as bad or worse:

  11. Tawrin says:

    “Recent critics of literature have expressed the opinion that the beliefs implied or held in a poem influence the reader’s appreciation. The opposite opinion would be that a poem is an emotional object defined not by the beliefs it deals with, but by its technique and the poetic conviction or mastery with which those beliefs are expressed.”

    Same goes for filmmakers.

  12. sandrasimonds says:

    canadian healthcare is wonderful—if by wonderful one means waiting two months for an appointment to see the doctor. seriously, canadian healthcare has serious problems—and i’m sick of canada being presented as some kind of healthcare wonderland.

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