More kittens!

Anyone who meets my cat Basil loves him. People who weren’t “cat people” before admit that maybe cats can be as cool as dogs. People who were allergic to cats before don’t mind taking medication so they can be around Basil longer. Basil is a great cat.

Lately, Basil’s been acting as an ambassador for the local SPCA. My mom and dad adopted two kittens while they were here helping me move, and Mark (who recently brought the renegade kittens to my house, and who pet-sit for Basil and Hilda while I was in NY) adopted a kitten yesterday. The kitten’s name is Gray. She’s a Russian Blue (or as close as a shelter cat can get), so sometimes she’s pale silver and sometimes she’s dark, almost teal blue, depending on the light.

There were maybe 3 dozen kittens at the shelter yesterday… not counting cats over 6 mos. old, of which there were at least that many over again. Kittens are 2 for the price of 1 ($95) and adult cats are half price ($35).


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5 Responses to More kittens!

  1. sarah says:

    though i know he won’t be quite so small come mid-august, i really hope i can come meet and fall hard for basil! i know i won’t have any difficulty. i hope that beyond the cuddly companion, all else is settling out comfortably back in charlottesville. take care mlle-

  2. eric unger says:

    2 kittens for the price of one!

    A dream come true!

    (I’ve never actually paid $ for a cat)


  3. Jessica Smith says:

    If you get cats at the shelter, the $ offsets the price of keeping them there, treating them, neutering them, giving them shots and so forth. it’s how shelters afford to keep cats and dogs and not euthanize them. Plus, I think it’s good to have to pay for an animal, because so many people get pets without really understanding the responsibility they have to the animal. Handing over money is like making an investment. Like you have to pay when you change borders b/t Canada and the US.

  4. Logan Ryan Smith says:

    how much is half a kitten?

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    See, they probably wouldn’t let you adopt if you asked that kind of question.

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