Recent collaborative vispo from Outside Voices authors derek beaulieu and Andrew Topel. Click for a larger image.


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3 Responses to beaulieu+topel=collide-o-scope

  1. Annandale Dream Gazette says:

    oooh, I love this piece! Does it exist in real life, and if so, how big is it?

    Jessica —you’re a visual person, clearly, so tell me if you think I’m crazy — I think Tao Lin’s computer drawings are amazing and I’d love to have some of them in big, bright posters. Diagnosis?


  2. Todd Colby says:


  3. Jessica Smith says:

    Lynn, you’re not crazy! You should tell Tao, I’m sure he’ll make you a poster. Sometimes he read this blog, maybe he’ll see your great suggestion.

    I’m not sure how big it is in real life, or how many there are altogether. There’s a series.

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