My friend Mark found some darling kittens running around in the street and brought them to my house. It’s nice to feel like I’m the kitten refuge. We found their owner rather too immediately, even before I could take lots of pictures. I think the kits were about 6 weeks old; their names were Dali and Tesla, and obviously Tesla is the best name ever. Dali was dilute tortoiseshell and Tesla was buff.

Also, I found this etch-a-sketch art via a link that Amelia provided on her blog.

Otherwise my day has been spent puking and sleeping. But I’m feeling better now.


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  1. speterme says:

    Hey with all these kitten comments, I can no longer hold back. My wife & kids went and picked out two new kittens almost two weeks ago. They’re sisters – Moxie & G.G. – one all grey with a little white chin & tummy, and the other grey with white stripes and some spots. We haven’t had a kitten in the house since my wife brought one home 15 years ago (that one passed away last winter). This time it’s two kittens at once and they are unbelievably entertaining, and they purr louder than airplanes, until they see our 16-1/2 year old cat and her hisses stop their purrs cold. Our kittens have extra thumbs and when they run, their little paws thunder across the wood floors. I didn’t know they could be so loud, though their meows are so soft, they’re barely audible.

    Lots of fun at our house.

    Sorry. Just had to share.

    Stv Ptrmir
    no man’s land
    minnapolis, mn

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Aw!! Congratulations! It’s good that you got two, so they can play and cuddle. Pictures?

  3. speterme says:

    Thanks. Yes, we got two so they’d be pals for life, and they sure love to wrestle, chase and cuddle. We’ve taken pictures, but they’re not digital. I’m sure I’ll be scanning some once we get them developed. I can let you know when they’re ready to share.

    Stv Ptrmir
    no man’s land
    minnapolis, mn

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